Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Party Hat Bird Tree and Colorful Wonders! Post Two

"I'm still waiting in line to pick out my hats, which one do I pick, I love them all. Hmmmm, do I pick a hat which goes with the colors of my outfit today, that would mean picking a hat with blues and purples in it, and I see the right one, its perfect, my turn to pick is coming up, I better get my money ready".....
Here are two hats, the Carlisle style and the Pickersby Style, they sure are pretty, but not sure if they will match my outfit.
Magic Tree of Party Hats! 7
This is an upclose look at the Pickersby Style and the Carlisle Style
Magic Tree of Party Hats! 8
Magic Tree of Party Hats! 9
Now here is the Daisy Mae Style
Magic Tree of Party Hats! 6
After trying on the many hats, just to be sure she was picking the right hat, Lisa, tried on her first pick, the Winchester Style, named after Loretta and Barnaby Winchester, the huge financial contributors of the Carnival, even one of the Carousel Pavillions is named after them.

Isn't this hat style divine
Magic Tree of Party Hats! 5
Magic Tree of Party Hats 3!
Magic Tree of Party Hats! 2
This following hat was my 2nd choice, I just loved the mix of red, pink and blue, don't you?
Magic Tree of Party Hats! 4
Everywhere you look, there are magical details, even down to the bird houses and the birds, who are all adorned with cute party hats and tiaras, their houses are painted with the added help of the painting staff. This is a picture of Casey Granite and his house.
Casey Granite's Cottage!3
Casey Granite's Cottage!2
It's 10:15am, I received a message that Sage will be waiting for me at the Emporium of Wonders. You might be wondering how did I get a message since cell phones don't work inside the carnival, they actually have Party Owl Service, with a huge contract with Party Owl Inc., aka POI, they carry special compacts with all the info they need to find the ones they need and deliver the messages, 24 hours a day.........


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

oh no

now I have to go make one of those fabulous party hats!!!!!

love Love LOVE them

Bee Serendipitous said...

Oh the hats are all devine...I love them all - but I think the "Daisy Mae" is sooo delightful (I too will be making a few)..and we can't forget Casey Granite - just stunning...ohhh the anticipation was sooo worth it...gotta run, to get everyone in line...kisses, hugs & tons of fun xxoo QBeeC

snippetgirl said...

Love the glittery birds on top! Let us know if and how Carnival attendees can purchase them....

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Such delightful little party hats so perfect for this grand event.

Debra said...

I am here for the Carnival, I have chosen to wear the hat with the beautiful bird. I hope you do not mind. You see I love birds and well I just could not resist. I am off of a wedding shower, but I will excuse myself early to rejoin the carnival.I will leave the hat here with you until then. I have my ticket stamped so I will get back in. Perhaps I will invite some of the guests to join. Would you mind?

bluemuf said...

Lisa, I waited in line and decided I would pick the Daisy Mae hat. It seems to match my outfit the best.

I really think I should make some party hats for all the toys and have a party for them.

I'm having so much fun and the party has just started.

Deborah said...

Oh how cleverly talented you are! Every thing is ever so lovely. I must come back and visit again soon.

Sarah said...

Lisa oh i love the hats, i need one, want magical xxx

Story said...

I saw the lines forming early this morning! As I walked by all the birds... I decided I had to go and make my own special bird to join in at the circus! She is over at my site flying her way to the party.

Tecu'Mish said...


LW said...

a hat tree, what a marvelous invention, what a divine choice you made..
We all need a hat to be fancy and free….


April said...

Lovin' those fantabulous party hats!

Noodlegirl said...

Those hats are definitely different!

faerie enchantment said...

Did you all pick out your carnival hats to wear at the tea party in Candyland Court, I obviously choose the Winchester Style!

Magic and Joy!

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

wow those are busy busy owls!
Love the choice of hat. perfect i believe!

Ann said...

I would like to wear the daisey mae difficult to choose as they are all spectacular!!Ann

Priscila said...

this is so great! Love these cute !Im deff going to make these!

Jamie said...

Okay, so I waited in line for the Winchester and they said the 'hostess with the mostess' may have taken the last one :-( Oh wait, nope...there was one more hiding in the back, YAY...thank goodness, what would I have done without such a lovely hat for the soiree? And Casey Grainite is a hoot!

StampinMom :-)