Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"The Universe is filled with Magic!"
The Amazing Esmeralda!Many close to me have often heard me say: "The Universe is filled with magical things, all you have to do is believe!" This concept is part of the basis of how I feel and see things.

There is just so much magic out there, from the first blooms of spring, the sounds of a summer surf at the seashore, the smell of cotton candy and funnel cakes on the boardwalk or at a carnival, the view from the top of a ferris wheel, the birth of a child or furry companion, a glowing sunset or glowing full moon, these things can all spark the magic we feel inside.

I get questions all the time asking me: "What motivates you?","What inspires you?" or "Where do you get your imagination from?"
These questions can simply be answered from deep within. I know that is hard to believe, "How do you get that from within?"
The world inside my head is like a galaxy in space, where each star can represent one of my many un-tapped wishes, waiting for me to call upon and have answered. Where planets represent my different imaginary worlds, waiting to come alive.

Several years ago I began to cut out the fog surrounding my life, the dis-belief, the negative energy (from people and things), the heavy weight I allowed to manifest from all the years that I entertained negativity, self-doubt, disbelief, and the lack of confidence. Loosing that excess weight wasn't easy to do, but I had to do it, in order to get back in touch with who I was and allow myself to grow as a person, achieving the things I wanted in this world.

For the longest time, I lost my imagination, and was trying to get it back. My imagination is the key to my creative life. Once I let the nay-sayers go, and started to tune out the negative waves from others, I began to get my imagination back, slowly developing my artistic side once again with my artful muse which takes over when I create, allowing me to believe in myself again.

I offer some workshops called: The Artful Imagination/The Artful Spirit and Expressive Illustration, these classes share a similar bond, with exercises to channel your artistic side, bringing you on the path or artful enlightenment and allowing you to begin the belief that the universe is filled with magical things. Each of these classes require you to bring a sketch book style journal for various art workouts, and help you to develope your artful nitch tapping on what's inside you. Depending on the class, students will either create mixed media journals which represent their artistic selves, in others, the student will create a mixed media painting of themselves using liquid canvas and learning a variety of collage and illustrative techniques.
Some things I recommend:
1.I strongly urge one to let criticism roll off your back, if someone can take time to write things about you whether it be 3 words or 3 paragraphs, then they have interest in you, they took time to criticize you, take it as a compliment, that you consumed their moment with your world.
2.I recommend that before you start creating artwork, whether new mediums or for the first time, that you create for yourself first, appreciate it, analyze it, cradle it, understand it and believe in it. When you believe in yourself, others will believe in you.
3.Don't hold back when drawing, and don't erase what you just drew, you can learn from it, add to it and create more from it, Accidents are: "Serendipity" and become the best masterpieces.
4.Work out of your comfort zone. If you love pinks and creams, work with aquas and creams, slowly working through the pastel color palette. Next work with pastels and darks like pink and black, lilac and brown, move into a mix pink, cream, brown and black. Start working with colors that normally don't work: orange, blue and purple, or orange, pink and aqua. Now you are slowly breaking out of your comfort zones, playing with colors and finding new ones you never thought to work with. This can lead to a world of endless posibilities. The same can be said for papers and patterns.
5.If you know how to knit, crochette and quilt, but want to start collage and work with paints, do it. You are already creating magical masterpieces for all to enjoy, why not break out into another world, you will learn so much and discover new things, challenging and evolving your artistic self.
6. Never ever think you know it all, well because you don't! We learn every second of the day, experiencing new things, places and smells which can lead to inspiration. Today I read an excerp from a friends book which will fuel my day, I learned others share my beliefs and my cats can dream like us. Everyday I try something new like a new paint brush, new project, new coffee, revisit a forgotton shirt turning it into something new with different accessories. I recommend you buy a cheapie calender and turn it into an art calender, randomly writing down different things you want to try on it and do it the day you wrote it down.
Sunday: Try Buckwheat Pancakes
Monday: Learn a sentence in French: Un Bonne Vin Blanc ( A Good White Wine)
Tuesday: Draw a lioness while wearing a crown, and be Queen of your artful jungle.
Wednesday: Don't collage with Marie Antoinette, read a chapter about her, then collage with her, you might learn something more.
Thursday: Eat Fresh Coconut, save the shell and make a project, now you have contributed to your inner "Green".
Friday: Treat yourself to an ice cream sundae and sing along to the Nutcracker.
Saturday: Wear a pink shirt, for breast cancer awareness and feel good about supporting it, create with pink all day as a tribute.

Now start the next week with something with 7 days of something new. Like roasting peanuts in the oven and envision a day at the circus, Wear a cute dress with a cardigan and loads of pearls feel like a spring princess. Go on a date with your mate to the movies or to the book store and share ideas. Go to the beach after a storm, and search for unusual shells, bring home and turn into a project or place into a memory jar. Light a Sugar cookie candle conjur up a new cookie recipe. Go to the museum and see what speaks to you. The possibilities are endless, and soon you will see your inspiration soar, finding out even more about yourself and your new likes and dislikes. ARE YOU READY TO CREATE SOMETHING NEW YET?
The above is another digital image I made called Henry the Spider Fairy, he's walking around town with a candy box of wishes, waiting for you to pick out and have granted......


My Journey to Hope said...

What great thoughts & inspirations, Lisa! I'm going to have to try the calendar idea, definitely. Thanks!


bluemuf said...

Lisa, this is such an inspiring post. I wish I was close enough to take some of your classes. But, I will make a list of new ventures to try and DO IT

thank you

Poetic Dreams said...

Awesome entry! I really needed it! Especially the criticism comment. I hope ya having a wonderful day. Hugs~

faerie enchantment said...

I used to let criticism take over for however long it lasted, because I was allowing it to by thriving on it. Art is expression and when you create something you give birth to new life, whether it is a new born, the growing of flower bulbs, the emerging butterfly from its cocoon, your new painting or knitted scarf, doll, digi image, you are witnessing and creating something wonderful, who cares what others think, you made it, now be proud of it!

Magic and Joy to you all!

SarahD said...

WOW Lisa you are so inspiring....
Love your true

Big Hugs Sarah xxx

Geralyn Gray said...

What a great post---Lisa. I feel inspired. You are so right...inspiration is all around us and you have to be in the right state of mind to accept it and put it to use. I am so happy I have been feeling inspired lately--it's a great feeling. My favorite inspirtation is going to Art Musuems. Thanks for sharing your keys to your wonderful imagination.

MaygreenFairies said...

FANTASTIC POST!!! You have always been an inspiration to me and had a big impact in my creative life, thankyou for sharing your wonderful thoughts and inspiration. Hugs, Mandy x

Story said...

Nice inspirations! I love Esmerelda and i love the box of wishes. I liked the comments about criticism...sometimes i let it block me....thanks for the reminder.

faerie enchantment said...

Look at criticism as amusement, don't take it seriously or to heart, where one can Criticize, ten more can compliment!

I will begin my having a weekly: "challenge your creative side", when I can with tips and exercises, sure to help the inspiration flowing!


Bee Serendipitous said...


I just have to say that you hit it on the nose/soul...I've lived with a lot of negativity and loss in my life...that ultimately could have brought me down to the point of no return...but one day a couple of years ago I decided to make the change...and like you I left 95% of the negativity behind and moved on...I can't tell you how much that has changed in my life and all the things that I have been blessed with ever since...Let me stop cause I can keep going on and on and on...

Let me just end this with a saying that I left off in my other blog "Bee Serendipitous"...

"Yesterday is behind us, tomorrow is ahead of us and today is the present - your gift to enjoy everyday to its fullest" go out and DISCOVER and ENJOY your Life today!

Thank you Lisa,

Poetic Dreams said...

Thanks for the sweet words. I appreciate them. Hugs~

Wanda said...

That was a great post...I love all your ideas and will have to try some of them out. You are very inspiring. Hey, you've been tagged. :) Please go to my blog and check it out. :)

Bee Serendipitous said...

I never actually said it in my first comment, but Thank You Lisa for all the ideas, info, inspiration and imagination - you are a great teacher A+.. Serendipity its a good thing...Thank you again, Marlene :O)

Deborah said...

Awe, how did such a wee one become so wise so early in the journey?
**blows kisses** Deborah

Deborah said...
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~Tracy~ said...

Wonderful post ! Thank-you :) I've always been artistic and always carried around a quiet low-confidance not really knowing why. Last year my birthfather found me and I got to meet my new birthsisters, grandmother and 2 aunts. Well, my grandmother ( now deceased ) and one of my aunts are fabulous artists ( my aunt's paintings look just like photographs ! ) --but because they never went to an art school, they never felt they were 'real' artists and so have never displayed their works !! My grandmother would wrinkle her nose and say "why would I want to hang that garbage ?" to her own beautiful paintings. My God, she would paint Japanese plum blossoms with little birds on them, absolutely stunning ! --and she thought it was garbage, what a shame ! And so I began wondering if maybe their negative thoughts towards 'uneducated' art might have carried through to me ?? If so, then I am doing all I can to reverse my low-confidance and keep that kind of negativity away. It's difficult at times but so far it's working, yay :) And to let you know, I have never had any neg. thoughts towards other artists, whether they have been to art school or not. We all have fabulous talents and it makes my heart swell when people use those talents to make their world and others a more wonderful place ( like you Lisa )
So thank-you for your post and reminder to never give up !

faerie enchantment said...

Your blog and works are beautiful, as artists, we all create from whats inside of us. My biggest message to everyone is never, ever, ever give up, you are all stars who shine bright, Believe in you and the possibilities are endless.