Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Studio Transformation!

I'm not the biggest fan of re-organizing, why? because I get so involved in it, that I lose creating time as a result, lol, however it is good exercise, LOL!

Over the past 5 years I have seen my studio and new location really evolve as I have evolved as a person, as an artist and a designer. My first was located in a small room at my mom's old house, the walls were lilac/grey shade called Twilight, the shelves were basic white from home depot, each shelf was lined with my books by theme and filled with my fave goodies. These shelves reminded me of my childhood and some were filled with those memories encasing my 80's smurfs, sea-wees, strawberry shortcake and rainbow bright, the others with my vintage loves: old fairy books, alice in wonderland, steiff, kewpies and other old pieces.
My Studio, A Sneak Peak!My desk was basic and had a memory board with atc's and artsy swaps attached to it. The closet was turned into a desk area and workspace with my computer. It served its purpose, but I was not complete.
My Studio, A Sneak Peak!
My studio at this time wasn't a showplace, nor did I want it to be, I wasn't decorating elaborate vignettes, just filling the shelves and organizing by basic rules, themes, height, size and color. Then my parents were moving, and the studio had to be re-located, to my house, which I was reluctant to give up one of the guest rooms, but knew it had to be done. Here is where my journey was about to begin, I would declare myself the traveling gypsy artist, now I would have 2 locations for the studio, my parent's new place and at my house, LOL!. Its not so bad, honestly, it gives me time to create with my mom, incorporate the help from friends or their children for shipping and orders (this can be chaotic, LOL!) and time for me at my house, my secret world. The extra room became: The Fairy Apothecary Shoppe of Artful Magic. Studio Fun! Artful Play w/Suze!I completely switched in my colors and themes. I kept the walls neutral and bought rich black shelving. I have always loved the Pottery Barn look, just not their prices, so I searched and found that Wlamart offered me the best budget: $28 per 6 1/2 foot deep shelving in rich black, bout 3 of those sexy shelves, next I rescued a buffet piece in black from Homegoods, it waqs damaged, the pull out drawers were broken, so my price: $50, not $450, Glenny fixed the drawers and put putty and paint on the scratch. Now it holds all my rubber stamps inside of it.My Magical Glass! More Magical Jars!Now began the organization, how can I get this studio in shape, to give me a feel good and inspirational feel, after all this was going to be my Fairy Apothecary Shoppe. I started to do what everyone does, fill my fave eye candy collections in jars. Then I began to dedicate shelves to my vintage bottles and glass bulbs/orbs layered inside glass containers, overflowing for the look of magical crystal bulbs, LOL. I just love glass stuff, when the light hits this shelf I get a prizm effect, like a giant rainbow. Anyone remember the prism seen in Pollyanna with Hayley Mills????New Studio Vignette!Next was to find a piece for some of my papers, I was given a freebie from the inside of an armoire, with wheeled sliding shelves, Glenny and I painted it and turned it into a faux Printers cabinet, price: $0, now I had to decorate the top, with more sparkle and tinsel collections, oh and some of my fave dollies.New Studio Images!2The Carnival Queen of The Tinsel Tent!
My Vintage Bisque's! Next was to fill up even more jars with my fave thing: Shells, I love love love shells in all shapes and sizes, they are truly one of Mother Nature's Magical Treasures, they are gifts for us to enjoy, one trip to a beach and boom, free artful treasures, or for mere pennies, pick them up at the store.Enchanting Mystery Jars!Now since this construction of the studio at my house, my collections have grown, and so have my artful experiments. Now we are adding cubby 12inch by 12inch shelving and a wall length table with some shelving underneath, the closet is getting 2 more shelves and items will be transfered to wrapping paper wrapped office boxes for practical storage and with a nice appearance. Everything is getting moved around, The Fairy Apothecary is now going to meet the Carnival, the studio will now be The Carnival Fairy Shoppe of Magic.Carnival Time in the Studio! A big top ceiling top will be created, a circus tree, new lighting, and a new doll display. Lots of pinks, reds, creams, vintage aqua/sea foam greens, silvers and sparkle are being added.
My Carnival Dolls!The studio at Mom's will also be re-done more for her with a regency and victorian feel, with tea and romantic tones. Now I've begun the mental task of finding new storage solutions and organization, stay tuned for the complete transformation.
Some quick recommendations:
1. Visit Walmart or Target for fabulous, cheap and reasonable storage solutions such as shelves, tables, glass bottles, jars, boxes and baskets, and more
2. Dollar Stores for more jars, boxes, gift bags for holding fun stuff, wrapping paper, dishware and silverware, plus other artful supplies.
3. Homegoods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls for fabulous furniture and items at a discount
4. Ikea for even more reasonable finds: Furniture and Accessories.
5. Spring Cleanup drives around your neighborhoods, you never know what is being thrown out and its free.
6. Town recycle centers for more finds: Books, Magazines, Furniture, etc.
7. Salvage Yards
8. Rummage Sales, Garage Sales, Church Sales, Flea Markets, and Book Sales.
9. Ebay and search for local pick-up, Craig's List and the Newspaper.
10. Friends and Family freebie's
11. Home Depot and Lowes
12. Offices, stores and companies getting rid of furniture, and again it can be free.

Hope these shopping locations work for you to make over your studio or start a new one!


Geralyn Gray said...

We are a lot alike....I am doing my workspace as we speak--I took my before pictures last week....I don't think I can post them until it is finished. Yours looks great--It's like an inspirational eye candy store--love it. When the weather gets better come down for a walk on the beach in the morning of course for the best shells and my favorite sea glass....ohhhh and I need more feathers for my Queens' hats. Last I heard for Parcel was April 3 around 4 for shopping and dinner afterwards....that's what we are shooting for anyway.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wow - just - wow

I am sooooooooooooooooooo humbled by my meager supplies

and here I thought I was a total glutton for supplies!

Britt @ Sweet Sassy Molassy! said...

I love all the pics of your studio, they are so inspirational! I love the dolls especially. I can't wait to see your space when it's all finished. I'm impatiently awaiting my new home so I can get started on decorating, not only my studio, but the whole darn thing!


kate said...

A while back, you inspired me to do my daughters room in this style!! Its still a work in progress, but.... Love it!!

Story said...

I really like the black stamp holder bureau. Today our local flea market opens the season and i'm going treasure hunting. Thanks for sharing your work process!

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much everyone, I believe as artists, parents, teachers, sisters, cousins, loved ones, we change everyday, our styles, likes, dislikes, are always evolving.

As I moved into this artful journey I have dug deep inside to find out who I am and what I love, finding I can love it all and still make it work in my space, but in the new colors that I am loving now: Blacks, Aqua's, pinks and distressed color tones.

It is work in progress, and I would like it done by the summer, stay tuned....


My Journey to Hope said...

I've been procrastinating with my space, and this helps by breaking it down into chunks. I can't wait to see the big top area. The colors and feel of the carnival meets fairy shoppe sounds amazing. Keep updating us with pictures!


chinamommy said...

wanted you to know i have a new "Cutie Cupcake" done totally inspired by your circus & including some of the free clip art you offered... check her out at:

she'll be added to my etsy store: chinamommy
thank you for such inspiration!!