Saturday, March 14, 2009

On The Way to The Emporium of Wonders!Post Three
Finally Sage and I have met at The Emporium of Wonders, which is located right next to the Carnival Toy Warehouse which resembles the toy factory from Babes in Toyland, like it came straight out of Coney Island's Dreamland. This place is huge and filled with tons of curious toys and wonderous carnival inventions, a must see place for all toymakers and cutting edge invention lovers, almost reminiscent of the Grand World's Fair Expositions.

To start I found these delightful pinwheels in the sweetest of pink and aqua colors, made by Miss Pemberton of Pemberton's Sweet Toys, I saw these just peaking around the Emporium's curtains.

Carnival Toys! Pinwheels! 3
Carnival Toys! Pinwheels!2
Here I am holding my pinwheel, which I just bought, what do you think? Made from sturdy plastic like material, wood, hardware and pixie dust.
Carnival Toys! Pinwheels!
There are tons of goodies to buy and to left are some of the prizes you can with tokens or tickets from the Ski Ball, Water Shoot and Casino games, just trade in with with either your tickets or tokens painted by the carnival token crafters, in all the colors of the rainbow, while the Carnival Jewels are handcrafted by the Carnival Jewelers, Cranston LeRusse is the head jeweler with 40 years of experience.
Carnival Jewels!
Carnival Jewels!
Wow I didn't know there were more hats, these aren't as pricey as the ones from the tree, but still adorable, these hats are from the Dollie Adams Hat Company, they specialize in doll inspired hats and crowns.
Dollie Adams Hat Company

This magical hat is made from a circus poster, wrapped into a cone, layered with handmade aqua crepe paper fringe which has been painted with light green color perfect pearls, and lime green party tinsel garland. A vintage bake light and rhinestone button has been glued to center, holiday tinsel stars have been added as well. The center is a vintage image of a lady cut into a circle shape and colored over with prismacolor oil pencils, and smoothed out with a paint brush dipped in paint thinner, the encased in antique silver color glitter, complete with ribbons for tying unto your head.
-photo copy of a vintage circus poster 8.5 by 11 inches (regular computer size paper)
-6 yards of Aqua crepe paper streamer (or color of choice), cut into 1 yard sections
-Sheet of card stock
-Light green perfect pearls or light green gouche paint (acrylic paint can be used if thinned out)
-4 strands of ribbon, cut 12 inches long each
-1 yard of party tinsel garland (found in gift wrap section of a craft store)
-2-3 holiday silver stars or make from glitter covered card stock
-2 strands of thin white floral wire
-Vintage image in color
-Antique silver color glitter or glitter color of choice.
-Glues: hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, tacky glue, regular paper glue stick
-Optional: Prismacolor oil pencils, paint thinner, bake light pieces, buttons, rhinestones, pins.

1. Roll photocopy of circus poster into a cone shape, hot glue closed, cut any un-even sections around head base.
2. Fold each cut crepe paper streamer section into halves, twice, cut half way into the folded crepe paper, every centimeter, creating a fringe like look, un-fold, repeat for each strand of crepe paper.
3. Now hot glue the head base of the hat a little at a time, gluing the fringe onto it, repeat this until you have went around the base of the hat a few times, for a layered fringe look. Make sure to reserve 1 yard of the crepe paper for top of the hat and 1 yard for the medallion.
4. Cut each floral wire piece in half, then attach one end to the stars and the next insert into the top of the hat, into the point section. go inside the hat and hot glue against the sides of the hat.
5. Next cut out the image of choice into a circle, with glue stick attach to card stock, re-cut, at this point you can color in with pencils and paint thinner or leave as is and move onto to this next step.
6. Hot glue one yard of crepe paper fridge behind the cut image, until layered twice, hot glue to center of hat, border with tacky glue and glitter, let dry, shake off excess.
7. Attach the ribbons to the inside of each hat. To do this take 2 strands of the cut ribbon, hot glue to the inside bottom left of the hat, about 2 inches in, repeat on other side.
8. Embellish with the party tinsel, bakelight buttons and rhinestones of choice.

For similar project: The Marie Antoinette Doll Hat, and images visit the inside of my book: Altered Art Circus!

Now to squeeze in a ride on the Woodsby Carousel located just outside the Emporium which Albious Woodsby and his crew have already been wound up, along with a visit to The Winchester Carousel located near the Carlisle Pavillion, Candyland Court and Food Pavillions.......


Tecu'Mish said...

Thank you for the fab hat how-to!

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Great post and thank you the hat tutorial


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Hail to the Carnival Queen!!!! This is just FAB~U~LOUS!!!!!!!!!! This is just sooo fun, I know I'll be here for awhile!!!!! Stop by and enter my giveaway if you have a chance!!!!

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Wow... and the fun continues!!! Great tutorial. Hugs, Mandy x

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I must get busy making a hat. Thanks for the tutorial and the heads up on your Altered Art Circus Book.

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So much fun...thanks for the how-to for the carnival hats! ~Nan

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Lisa thanks for the amazing tutorial...will definatley be trying out that later today...where to next I wonder...........
Lisa this is just fab xx

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OMG...I'm gone for a couple of hours and low and behold...SOOOO much more to take in...I was rounding up the friends and family they finally may it...oh mine and the hats the hats the hats to die for....I just love the Cotton Candy Carnival one with the brown and dots...thanks Lisa for the tutorials...the pin wheels look like fun to make also...I gotta run...I'm running late...the clock is ticking fast...I want this day to last & last & last..."Q BEE C"

April said... I can make my very own hat!!!

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Perfect timing- Your book came from Amazon today:) How serendipitous!

Such great little hats!

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I love the instructions will definitely be saving them!

faerie enchantment said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying your time and adventure at the Carnival Soiree.

I love making hats, top hats, and crowns, you can experiment with them, make doll hats, party hats, princess hats, wizard hats, fairy and pixie crowns, Brown Derby Top Hats, Southern Belle Hats, the works!

Magic and Joy!

faerie enchantment said...

Also, Some of you didn't leave me a link to visit your blogs, since I can't I want to wish you all happiness and magic, and have fun at the carnival today!


Stacy/Creativemuse said...

OH how darn cute are all those hats I adore them all! you must purchase more!
I love your aqua queen she's sweet
I'm ready for some fun rides


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Pinwheels and party just doesn't get any better. Thanks so much for the tutorial!!Ann

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Thanks for the hat tutorial...I can't wait to snag a copy of you book for more!!

StampinMom :-)

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oooh...if I only had a vintage poster! luv these hats...ty for the tutorial, much appreciated. now keep having fun! cuz I am! cher

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Too bad I couldn't make it to write my own blog post for the Carnival Soirée, but I'm enjoying myself now more than I can say here, thanks for hosting such a fun event and thanks for this tutorial. I'm off to the next post!