Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fabric Remnant Banner
Piddlestixs Banner!
My store Piddlestixs, is almost 150 years old, its housed inside a former theater/playhouse, WWI weight station and General Store, so it has lots of character and history. The decor of my store Piddlestixs is unique and houses many eclectic themes from Wonderland, Circus, Kawaii, Tea and Steampunk/Apothecary. Piddlestixs has lots of re-cycled and up-cycled items and supplies for sale. In deciding on what kind of store banner I wanted in the front of the store, I opted for a vintage style banner to keep with the various themes and history of the store, the result was a banner using fabric remnants, chipboard lettering, seam binding and silver German glass glitter.Piddlestixs Banner! 2

-2 sizes of fabric remnants, (found in fabric sample books or you can use fabric scraps)
-Black seam binding or silk ribbon
-Crushed velvet ribbon
-Decorative chipboard lettering
-German glass glitter, silver 
-Glue: hot glue, modge podge
-Tools: hot glue gun, scissors, pinking sheers and pain brush
Piddlestixs Banner!  3

1. Decide on the name for your banner, I chose Piddlestixs, which is 11 letters, so I counted 11 larger pieces of scrap fabric and lined on the floor. Repeat this step for the smaller set of scrap fabric pieces.

2. If your remnants aren't already pinked, use pinking sheers and trim 3 sides of each of the remnants both large and small.

3. Measure a long strip of black seam binding or silk ribbon,  place over the larger remnant's top edges, now hot glue to the large remnant.

4. Next hot glue the smaller remnant piece over the ribbon and the larger remnants.

5. Line the top of the smaller remnants with crushed velvet trim, for a more finished look.

6. Now add your chipboard lettering to each layered remnant, hot glue in place, coat with modge podge and german glass glitter.
Piddlestixs Banner!  4Piddlestixs Banner!  5Piddlestixs Banner! 6
-Use Fabric tac in place of the hot glue.
-Use caution when using hot glue.
-Use wood letters in place of chipboard lettering
-Use scraps of fabric, sheets, bedding, curtains, table cloths or clothes in place of remnant books.
Piddlestixs Banner! 7Piddlestixs Banner! 8Piddlestixs Banner! 9Piddlestixs Banner! 10
The possibilities are endless, this is a great recycle/upcycle project using items you might already have lying around  the house, studio or store!


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