Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Frozen Peaks Experience!
By: Lisa Kettell
Frozen Peaks, Ledgewood, NJ! 6
Recently a Frozen Peeks Frozen Yogurt opened up near my house about 15 minutes away in Ledgewood, NJ. Curious to know what it was, Mom and I decided to take a visit there after the book store and we were so glad we did, its utopia for the Yogurt lover with 24 flavors and over 60 toppings making your frozen yogurt experience an extremely healthy guilt free one or just 1/2 the guilt. 
Frozen Peaks, Ledgewood, NJ! 4
Create concoctions like the Island Banana which is:
-6oz of Island Banana
-1/4 cup strawberries
-1/4 cup pineapples
-1/4 cup coconut

A cup of the Island Banana is the perfect non-fat, gluten free, probiotic way to a guilt free and delicious treat that is low in calories and high in protein. This concoction comes straight from their website:
Frozen Peaks, Ledgewood, NJ! 5
Here is the Nutrition Fact Sheet straight from their website:

Frozen yogurt from FrozenPeaks™ tastes good and is good for you. Frozen Peaks features YoCream® frozen yogurt. Unlike some frozen yogurts, YoCream frozen yogurt is made from live and active cultures. These are the good bacteria that turn milk into yogurt and give it that tang. Because YoCream uses a special group of bacteria* that are known as probiotic, our frozen yogurt also provides numerous health benefits. Certified with the National Yogurt Association Live and Active Cultures Seal of Approval, when you come to FrozenPeaks you are guaranteed to enjoy a nutritious, delicious snack, meal or treat that: 

-Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle
The live and active probiotic cultures in Frozen Peaks frozen yogurt promote a health immune and digestive system. 

-Helps Manage Lactose Intolerance
Frozen Peaks frozen yogurt has increased digestibility for people with lactose intolerance or lactose maladsorption. 

-Supports Healthy Bones
An 8 fl oz serving of FrozenPeaks frozen yogurt is an excellent source of calcium – adequate calcium as part of a healthful diet is good for bone density and may reduce the risk of osteoporosis. 

-Is Good for Your Tummy
Our digestive system contains a number of "good bacteria" that are necessary for optimal digestion. FrozenPeaks frozen yogurt helps maintain a healthly digestive tract.
 FrozenPeaks frozen yogurt is low cholesterol and low sodium, and are Kosher Certified.
 Frozen Peaks, Ledgewood, NJ! 7
As some one with a weakness for Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt, but who is on a healthier eating regime, foods that can provide an added treat to my diet are always welcome, so if it is frozen yogurt that tastes amazing and allows me to enjoy every last bite without guilt then I am all for it. At Frozen Peaks I tried 1/2 Red Velvet and 1/2 Coconut w/some rainbow sprinkles and it was amazing, mom had 1/2 Cookies and Cream with 1/2 Red Velvet, which I will try next time I go.
 Frozen Peaks, Ledgewood, NJ! 2
The added feature to Frozen Peaks is that its self serve, you grab a container, then fill with the frozen yogurt flavor or flavors of choice, then add toppings or leave alone, and pay at counter, which you pay by the weight. I will tell you it is a bit pricey, I paid for what looked like a medium sized container about $6.50, but its totally worth it. If you are looking to stay inside with your yummy treat, you will sit among a Jetson's style decor with orange, green and silver color tones, you can surf the web on their WiFi and listen to music from an ITunes Music box, adding to its unique experience. Frozen Peaks, Ledgewood, NJ! 3Frozen Peaks, Ledgewood, NJ!
Would I go back for another experience? Absolutely! Is it a fun place to meet up with the girls at night? Sure thing! But remember if going on a light date or bringing the kids, make sure you bring enough money or a credit card, you are paying by the weight, other then that, head on over and enjoy the experience.


P.S. I took all these photos from my I-Phone, so you can always blog on the go!

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