Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shabby and Chic Baseball Cuffs!
By: Lisa Kettell
Custom Shabby Baseball Cuffs! 9Here are the newest additions to the baseball family of cuffs. Three Shabby and Chic Baseball Cuffs which were made for some clients. The baseballs were made from used MLB baseballs, One was kept in its raw state, the other two were dyed a chic pink and a chic violet, lined in pearls, backed in leather and decorated w/rhinestones and a clasp.Custom Shabby Baseball Cuffs! 8Custom Shabby Baseball Cuffs! 10Custom Shabby Baseball Cuffs! 11Custom Shabby Baseball Cuffs! 12The dye process of the leather cuffs is a full day, sanding, dying, coating, drying, you never know what kind of color you will get due to the grain of the baseball, more grunge and distressed ones get darker tones and imperfections which add to the charm, newer ones get lighter colors and have a smoother blend.

The rhinestones on all cuffs are medium grade, we recently tried a new glue and decided to go back to the original one we were using, dries clear and has more durability. If customers want the Austrian Crystal high grade rhinestones or snap/studded, the price is more as these supplies are more expensive to buy for the cuffs.

Take care in wearing your rhinestone cuffs, even know the glue is high quality, you still risk the chance of loosing a stone if you are too rough. If one falls off, I recommend quick grip to re-position another rhinestone or embellishment. 
Custom Shabby Baseball Cuffs! 7Custom Shabby Baseball Cuffs! 6Custom Shabby Baseball Cuffs! 5Custom Shabby Baseball Cuffs! 4Custom Shabby Pink B-Cuff: Holly! 4Custom Shabby Pink B-Cuff: Holly! 3Custom Shabby Pink B-Cuff: Holly!Stay tuned for more shabby and chic baseball cuff styles/colors in seer-sucker, mint green, taffy aqua, bright pink and navy!


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