Saturday, April 07, 2012

Design Team Project

by: Sherry Payne-Scott

Old Fashioned Valentine “Cupie Style”


Mini cupie doll Lisa Kettell Designs

Queen Cupie Pink Paper Lisa Kettell Designs

Cupie Paper Blue & Pink Lisa Kettell Designs

Martha Stewart Paper Magnolia Flower

Vellum wording

Iridescent white scalloped ribbon ~ 20” long

Pink and red satin ribbon 3/16” ~ 18” long

White satin ribbon 3/8” ~ 18” long

Pink pearl brad ¼”


Modge Podge Decoupage medium satin finish

Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Zig 2 way glue


· Trace 6” heart template onto the card board and Queen cupie paper using Queen cupie as focal point in 1st heart and pink background from same paper for the 2nd heart

· Use decoupage medium to adhere the hearts to both sides of the cardboard heart, place glued hearts under a heavy book for a few minutes to allow to set

· Trim edges of paper hearts to neaten up

CUPIE Word Side of Heart

· Cut out the word “CUPIE” from second sheet of scrapbook paper

· Arrange letters on plain side of heart and glue down using decoupage medium, coat the top of the lettering and heart as well

· Tie a knot in 3.8” white satin ribbon and trim ends to about 1 ¼” long each side, hot glue in place

CUPIE DOLL Side of Heart

· Coat paper with decoupage medium and allow to dry

· Trim your vellum wording, use 2 way glue, allow to set and tack into place

· Place magnolia flower and adhere with hot glue

· Place mini cupie doll on the Queen Cupie’s hand with hot glue

· Tie all 3 ribbons(red, white and pink) in a knot around the pink brad’s tabs and fold over to one side, (face the tab downward so the ribbons cover it) attach with hot glue and trim ribbon to desired length

Finish Edges

· Using the iridescent ribbon and hot glue gun, glue a few inches of ribbon at a time going around the raw edge of the cardboard heart overlapping at the ends

·O OPTIONAL: If you want to hang this you can glue a ribbon to the top center of the heart creating a loop to hang
I hope you enjoyed Sherry's amazing project, I know I did! Its never to late to show some love! xoxo Lisa


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Incipient Wings said...

this really is cute!
I can picture one hanging in my gypsy wagon:)