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The Magic of Summer, A Jersey Bucket List!
Magic of Summer!With the awakening of the flora and fauna, the buzzing of bees, the chirping of birds, the growing warmth of our days and the extension of the glowing sun, its safe to say that summer is upon us, waiting to play host to a bevy of events and add to our adventure. If you are like me, then summer means all the things I like come out of hiding, crafts shows, hot air balloon events, festivals, carnivals, amusement parks, the boardwalk, and shore time excursions, not to mention a Ren Faire here and there!Magic of Summer! 5Magic of Summer! 6Magic of Summer! 8Time to paint the toes, pull out the colorful skirts, pastels and whites, pack a straw bag with coconut and lime delights and head out on an adventure. Perhaps make a practical bucket list that you can actually achieve everyday. I'd start with treating myself to a cherry lemon ice one day, a creamsicle from the Jersey Shore the next, followed by a Jelly Apple aka Candy Apple from Jenkinsons Pier, add in a journey to Hershey Park, a Great Adventure day with the girls and a picnic in the park. Your summer bucket list can be filled with all the things you can achieve in one summer, start easy and grow it.Ferris Wheel Magic! 2Waterpark Amusement! 6Waterpark Amusement! 14Waterpark Amusement!Waterpark Amusement! 3Waterpark Amusement! 10My list last summer consisted of a photographic fun day at Hershey Park in Hershey, PA, eating park food, soda floats and cheese fries, walking from themed area to themed area, enjoying the fun rides and games, with winning a game or two, followed by an evening unwind inside the Hershey Museum area and eatery, this trip was on my bucket list and filled with magical fun.Amusement Park Signage!Waterpark Amusement! 9Fun Slide! 3Vintage Style Nathans!Summer Confections! 2Summer Confections! 6I'd recommend heading to the park early, as it is huge and there is just so much to see and do, that you will need at least 8 to 10 hours of exploring to cover the whole park and take in some food at the same time, they even have a vintage style Nathan's hotdog stand there, but for the real thing add a trip to Coney Island for the day on your list and get the real deal, the corn dogs are the best.Amusements Wildwood, NJ! 2
Wildwood Crest, Early Morning! 2
If heading to the Jersey Shore here are some fun facts to know:

-New Jersey is the location of most of the boardwalks in the U.S., with nearly every town and city along the shore having one. The first and longest boardwalk in the world is in Atlantic City, New Jersey and is 135 years old. This boardwalk gained fame due to the board game Monopoly, which was based upon the trading and dealing of real estate in Atlantic City; in the game, Boardwalk is the most expensive property to purchase and develop, but also yields the greatest rent payoffs to its owner. In the fall of 2010 HBO launched the drama series Boardwalk Empire, which is named after and constantly returns to the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Asbury Park's boardwalk is in the process of revitalization and has recently been connected to the neighboring town of Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

-Keansburg, New Jersey is regarded locally as a boardwalk town, with one of America's oldest shoreside amusement parks housing vintage rides dating back to the 1920s.

-Ocean City, New Jersey The 2.5 mile (4 kilometers) boardwalk in Ocean City has classic attractions and many newer additions. The 140-foot (42 m) Ferris Wheel can be seen from miles around, with views of Ocean City and the surrounding communities from the top. Other rides include roller coasters, bumper cars, water rides, and 11 miniature golf courses. Shops sell souvenirs and snacks, such as cotton candy, popcorn, pizza, and ice cream. Other boardwalk activities include enjoying the sunrise with a leisurely walk, a brisk jog, a bike tour, a ride on a surrey cart, or a meal at one of the many ocean front cafes.

-Seaside Heights, New Jersey This 1-mile (1.6 km) long promenade is full of game stands, pizzerias, souvenir shops, beach gear stores, arcades and ice cream parlors drawing families, teenagers and adults alike. The Seaside Heights boardwalk is bookended by two 300-foot-long (91 m) piers that feature amusement rides, carousels, log flumes, roller coasters, Ferris wheels and more. One of these piers is the world-famous Casino Pier, home to a 1913 circa merry-go-round, the Niagara Falls log flume and the Jet Star roller coaster. The other is the Funtown Amusement Pier home to the Tower of Fear, Seaside's tallest Ferris wheel and a go-kart track. Across from Casino Pier is the redeveloped Jenkinson's Breakwater Beach waterpark (formerly WaterWorks). Many of the businesses are still family-owned and operated and have been almost as long as the boardwalk has been around.Pt.Pleasant, NJPt.Pleasant Carousel! 2Pt.Pleasant Carousel!

-Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey,About seven miles (11 km) from Seaside Heights, the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk (frequently known as Jenkinson's Boardwalk) is similar to the boardwalk found in Seaside Heights, but is a bit more subdued. The promenade extends from the Manasquan Inlet in the northern end of the borough to the border with Bay Head in the south. Right in the middle is the Jenkinson's Amusements/Jenkinson's Boardwalk area brimming with rides, games, carnival food, miniature golf, fun houses, souvenir shops, and Jenkinson's Aquarium.Wildwood at Night!

-Wildwood, New Jersey, The 2 mile (3 kilometer) long boardwalk has a total of three amusement piers plus a myriad of other carnival games, souvenir shops, food stands, waterparks, and world-class roller coasters. The Boardwalk started out as a mere 150 feet (45 m). It has actually been moved closer to the ocean twice. Today, the boardwalk stretches from 38 blocks from 16th Ave in North Wildwood to Cresse Ave in Wildwood Crest. The Wildwood Boardwalk is said to have more rides than Disneyland. Kiddie rides include a convoy of airplanes, trucks, dune buggies, boats, and trains. Flying elephants, teacups, bouncing giraffes, mini-Ferris wheels, and a traditional carousel round out the mix.Boating in Cape May!If you are in the Wildwood Area, a must see is Cape May, explore all the historic Victorians aka "Painted Ladies" which line many of the streets leading up to their boardwalk and store promenade. There are tons of quaint and artsy boutiques, tea rooms and restaurants that fill this majestic town, a definite add to your Jersey Bucket list.Painted Ladies, Cape MayCape May, NJPainted Ladies, Cape May!Cape May Whimsy!Cape May SplendorArtful Adventure, Cape MayFor more info on the locations I mentioned, visit their sites:









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