Friday, April 20, 2012

Mermaids Exist By: Lisa Kettell Mermaids Do Exist! 8  
Here is a scrapbook/mixed media layout I made called: Mermaids Do Exist! It was inspired by the turn of the century exploration, seaside adventures, the Fiji Mermaid, and the question: Do Mermaids Exist? Another thought would be imagine transporting yourself into a Jules Verne Novel, "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea", look out of the portals under the sea, viewing creatures that came straight out of your imagination. This is a fun scrapbook layout with a mixed media/altered art approach, that will bring you on your own underwater adventure.
 Mermaids Do Exist!11Mermaids Do Exist! 10 Materials:
 -Piccolo cut-outs, Globecraft Memories 
 -Medium sized Globe Bubble, Globecraft Memories 
 -Scrapbook Papers, variety 
 -Vintage images of choice 
 -Pigment Ink, Colorbox 
 -Mixed media ink, Colorbox 
-Acrylic paints: aqua, brown, beige, white 
-Pigment powders: copper, gold, patina 
-Shimmerz molten metal, Shimmerz 
 - Glitter: glass glitter: brown, clear and silver 
 -Doll parts, Painted Bailey Head, Lisa Kettell Designs 
 -Tools: scissors, decorative scissors, hot glue gun, pencil 
 -Glues: hot glue, modge podge, tacky glue 
 -Other: ribbons, mica flakes, jewelry components, clock/gear punches, chipboard lettering, floral wire, tiny light bulbs
 Mermaids Do Exist! 9  
 1. Place scrapbook paper of choice onto flat surface, this will be your base. 
2. With a pencil, draw a free hand mermaid fin. (See photos for drawing inspiration) 
3. Next choose a scrapbook paper with details for the mermaid fin, then cut out 1 inch strips using decorative scissors, start layering inside the drawn fin, glue in place with hot glue, set aside. 
 4. With another piece of scrapbook paper, trace the width of the medium sized globe onto it. Now start building a seaside scene inside of it with more paper, vintage images and embellishments. 
 5. Center the assembled globe layout at the tip of the mermaid’s waist, glue in place with hot glue, attach globe with tacky glue. 
 6. Now draw in the rest of the mermaid and paint with beige paint, distress with mixed media ink pads, then distress the rest of the outer layout with more of the mixed media paint pads. 
7. Build the character of the fin with a mixture of mixed media paint pads, ink pads, modge podge, pearls, shimmers and embossing glitters. 
8. Apply a coat of modge podge over the mermaid’s body, coat with clear glass glitter. 
 9. Start embellishing your layout with a floral wire banner, paper rosettes, shells, more vintage images, cut out piccolo pieces, and glitter. 
 Mermaids Do Exist! 5Mermaids Do Exist! 4Mermaids Do Exist! 3Mermaids Do Exist! 2Mermaids Do Exist!  
-When using hot glue, be extra careful -If you dislike hot glue work with a sturdy glue that works for you. -Create a smaller mermaid or two using the small bubble globes from Globecraft Memories. -In a small plastic disposable bowl, make a mud mix using modge podge, brown paint, glitter and embossing ink, paint onto certain areas of the fin, when dry extra embellish with pearl powders, shimmerz and patina paints. -Make a Mermaid Wall hanging instead of a layout.
 Mermaids Do Exist! 7Mermaids Do Exist! 6 Happy Creating, Lisa!

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