Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pink Tape Measure Bracelets
By Lisa Kettell
Pink Tape Measure Bracelets! 13
I'm obsessed with vintage rulers, tape measures and metric sticks, they can have so many different functions outside of measuring objects or patterns. They can be broken down to make frames, cover a frame, frame stands, lamp shades, chandeliers, photocopied to decaupage furniture, canvas, scrapbooking, various paper projects, used in steampunk projects, cover a box, turned into ribbon, wands, and jewelry.

The project I created is another version of the hardware store, measure tape, only this one is seamstress/sewing measuring tape which is a fiberglass fabric material used in measuring patterns and details for sewing, where hardware store measuring tape is more metal/aluminum in texture. Seamstress Measuring tapes usually come in a variety of colors, I have seen violet, magenta, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink which I am using today.

This project has been thought up in many ways around the internet from various talented artists, this is my version of an up-cycled classic using snaps, buttons and broken jewels. What I like about using the seamstress measuring tape is that you can sew through it and its easier to work with then the hardward store version.Pink Tape Measure Bracelets! 4
Pink Tape Measure Bracelets! 3
Pink Tape Measure Bracelets!
-60” Tape Measure, pink/fiberglass By Singer
-Adhesive Buttons, antique green By Studio G
-5/8” Snap Attacher Tool 
-5/8” Snaps
-Scissors By Westcott
-Standard one hole puncher
-Quick Grip By Beacon Adhesive

-Other: Broken jewels, clip earrings, rhinestones, charms, ribbons, trims
Pink Tape Measure Bracelets! 12Pink Tape Measure Bracelets! 11
1. Measure your wrist, leaving an extra 1 1/2 inch room for applying the snaps. My wrist measured 7 inches, I cut an 8 1/2 inch piece from the tape measure.
2. Punch 1 hole at each end of the cut tape measure, leaving 1/2 inch room from the edge.
3. Attach snaps according to package directions (really simple).
4. Begin decorating your bracelets with buttons, rhinestones, clip earrings, embellishments of your choice. I glued everything w/quick grip for a sturdy hold.
Pink Tape Measure Bracelets! 10Pink Tape Measure Bracelets! 8Pink Tape Measure Bracelets! 8
-When doing this project with children, use a sturdy tacky glue for more safety, Beacon Adhesives offers a fab glue: Kids Choice Glue, which I use in many projects as well.
-Cut a wide piece of cross stitch fabric and attach 3 strips of measuring tape side by side to it, attach in place with Fabri-Tac, apply snaps at each end for a larger style cuff.
-Add charms or handmade embellishments to the bracelets.
-Cut them into 2 inch pieces, add ribbon claws at each end and connect w/jewels/pearls for a necklace.
-Turn Long strips into purse straps.
-Cut off the handles of a craft store muslin tote, and add the measuring tape.
-Turn into a headband.
Pink Tape Measure Bracelets! 14
Pink Tape Measure Bracelets! 16Pink Tape Measure Bracelets! 17The possibilities are endless, I can't wait to see what you make! Hope this inspired you to recycled some measuring tape and make some fun recycled jewelry!


Creative Wings Boutique said...

lisa that is kick butt

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks soooo much!xoxo

Clare D. said...

too fabulous NOT to make! Oh, yeah no housework will be done today or tommorow. I'll be shopping for supplies today and crafting tomorrow~ thanks so much!

faerie enchantment said...

So excited Clare! These are so fun to make. The Pink Tape measure from Singer can be found at Walmart or JoAnne's Fabrics! Love to see what you make!