Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Steampunk Charlotte Doll Wands!
Steampunk Charlotte Doll Wands! 3
What could be a better way then combining steampunk and doll into one project, the result: Steampunk Charlotte Doll Wands!

Each wand is made from my hand molded frozen charlottes, paper rosettes made from my scrapbook paper line (licorice stripes), masonite crown shape, mica flakes, seam binding, vintage sequins and tinsel, wood and some steampunk magic.
Steampunk Charlotte Doll Wands! 4Steampunk Charlotte Doll Wands! 2Steampunk Charlotte Doll Wands!Each wand started with a paper rosette made from my scrapbook paper, cut into two 12 inch strips, folded, glue and turned into a rosette, resembling a wheel/circle shape. Then I jazzed up the crown shapes with mica flakes of various colors that I got from CHA, glued the glittered crown to the rosette, attached one of my flat back frozen charlottes (which are available in small and bulk amounts in my etsy store and at Piddlestixs).

Next I attached a wooden dowel, sequins or tinsel, and seam binding for bow. At this point I could add more ribbon, broken jewelry, clock parts, wheels, or edgy lettering to complete the piece.Steampunk Charlotte Doll Wands! 7Steampunk Charlotte Doll Wands! 6Steampunk Charlotte Doll Wands! 5Here they are all grouped together!Steampunk Charlotte Doll Wands! 9These rustic vintage wands were so fun and easy to make. Look for some of the supplies in my etsy store or at Piddlestixs! Also check out my ARTFIRE store for more supplies, bulk amounts and discounts!

Magic and Joy,

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Incipient Wings said...

what a beautiful wand!
i love steampunk and i love your ceations..this is perfect.
i'm off to check out your etsy and artfire stores.
have a great day:)