Saturday, February 05, 2011

CHA Day Two, Part One!
I stayed with Julie Bergmann while I was at CHA and had an amazing time with her, her hubby and daughter, we had such a party. Every morning was a sunny drive through San Dimas on the way to LA Convention Center!
CHA Day 2, Leaving San Dimas! 8Notice the Sunny Skies and Palm Trees my East Coast Friends, while I was sunny side up, it was snowy side down in NJ, so I took as many pictures of sun and landscape that I could, lol.
CHA Day 2, Leaving San Dimas! 5CHA Day 2, Leaving San Dimas! 4CHA Day 2, Leaving San Dimas! 12Look at the scenery, I felt like I arrived in a caravan during the gold rush, lol, not to mention like a tourist, lol!CHA Day 2, Leaving San Dimas! 16CHA Day 2, Leaving San Dimas! 17Once we arrived at CHA, the fun re-started once again, this time we had an extra guest: Mackenzie, who absolutely rocks!CHA Day 2, Miss Mackenzie!Our first spot, Tri-art/Jack Richardson where Julie was creating demo's at the booth, along with Rheni!CHA Day 2,Tri Art & J.Richardson Booth! 2CHA Day 2, Julie and Rheni! 2CHA Day 2, Julie and Rheni!Rheni is part of Tri-Art's Product Development Team, she is the artist behind one of the most amazing books called: The New Acrylics by Watson Guptill.CHA Day 2, Me and Rheni!In a few hours would be the CPS (Cloth Paper Scissors) Meet up at the Sizzix booth, but before it starts I was on my way to meet up with the one and only Diane Radishant, we met at Ranger U a few years ago and became instant friends. Diane absolutely rocks, and is the one who I always talk about who makes fabulous fudge and brownies, she sent me some at Christmas and brought me some Cayenne Pepper Brownies, which are amazing, I still have a few left, and they are hidden from the rest of the house, lol!
CHA Day 2, Me and Diane!Here we are in the Lunch Promenade! Stay tuned for the next part of CHA Day 2 and the CPS Meet up with Jenn Mason and surprise friends!

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