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Steampunk: Owl-Topia!
Steampunk Owl-topia! 10Here is a Steam Punk Necklace My mom made called: Owl-topia, Steampunk Necklace!

A piece reminiscent of the turn of the century, apothecary shoppes, mercury glass and bottle glass, history, folklore, museums, wisdom, owls, birds, time machines, travel and starry nights. Castles Archaeology, Egypt, and Exploration.
Steampunk Owl-topia! 9Steampunk Owl-topia! 15Steampunk Owl-topia! 6Steampunk Owl-topia! 7Steampunk Owl-topia! 4Steampunk Owl-topia! 5Steampunk Owl-topia! 3Steampunk Owl-topia! 14Steampunk Owl-topia!To purchase this piece or many others in the collection or the rest of her works visit:

The Folklore and Magic of Owls:


Among the Kikuyu of Kenya it was believed that owls were harbingers of death. If one saw an owl or heard its hoot, someone was going to die. In general, owls are viewed as harbingers of bad luck, ill health, or death. The belief is widespread even today.

The Americas

In the culture of the Uto-Aztec tribe, the Hopi, taboos surround owls, which are associated with sorcery and other evils. The Aztecs and Maya, along with other Natives of Mesoamerica, considered the owl a symbol of death and destruction. In fact, the Aztec god of death, Mictlantecuhtli, was often depicted with owls. There is an old saying in Mexico that is still in use[15]: Cuando el tecolote canta, el indio muere ("When the owl cries/sings, the Indian dies"). The Popol Vuh, a Mayan religious text, describes owls as messengers of Xibalba (the Mayan "Place of Fright"). The belief that owls are messengers and harbingers of the dark powers is also found among the Hočągara (Winnebago) of Wisconsin.When in earlier days the Hočągara committed the sin of killing enemies while they were within the sanctuary of the chief's lodge, an owl appeared and spoke to them in the voice of a human, saying, "From now on the Hočągara will have no luck." This marked the beginning of the decline of their tribe. An owl appeared to Glory of the Morning, the only female chief of the Hočąk nation, and uttered her name. Soon afterwards she died. People often allude to the reputation of owls as bearers of supernatural danger when they tell misbehaving children, "the owls will get you."

Middle East

In Arab culture, owls are seen as bad omens.

Western culture

The modern West generally associates owls with wisdom. This link goes back at least as far as Ancient Greece, where Athens, noted for art and scholarship, and Athena, Athens' patron goddess and the goddess of wisdom, had the owl as a symbol. Marija Gimbutas traces veneration of the owl as a goddess, among other birds, to the culture of Old Europe, long pre-dating Indo-European cultures.

Owls were considered funerary birds among the Romans.

Use as rodent control

Encouraging natural predators to control rodent population is a natural form of pest control, along with excluding food sources for rodents. Placing a new box for owls on a property can help control rodent populations (one family of hungry barn owls can consume more than 3,000 rodents in a nesting season) while maintaining the naturally balanced food chain.

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