Friday, February 11, 2011

CHA Day 3: Part Two Highlights!
CHA Day 3: DMC Booth! 7
After I left my Publishers booth, I head on over to visit the one and only: DMC, where my display and a few others graced their fabulous and enchanted vignette!
CHA Day 3: DMC Booth! 8Check out the fabulous names, including my friend Patti Culea! Here is the full Vignette!
CHA Day 3: My Display at DMC! Here is my lantern!CHA Day 3: My Lantern at DMC!CHA Day 3: My Lantern at DMC! 2CHA Day 3: My Lantern at DMC! 6Here I am near my project at the display, I felt like Lisa in and Enchanted Wonderland filled with fairies, magic and joy!CHA Day 3: DMC Booth! 11
CHA Day 3: DMC Booth, Me, My Display! 2After my fairytale moment I headed over to Beacon for some filming fun, with a little delay, Karen and I walked for a few minutes and who did we run into: The Cat in the Hat, well you know who wanted a picture, lol, MOI! CHA Day 3: Cat in Hat
CHA Day 3: Cat in Hat and Me!Then it was back over to Beacon to see the Glueologist himself, lol. While there I saw John,Mark, and Gill. Both Mark and Gill came all the way from England for the Show and he brought my fave, Cadbury Candies which you knew I was going to have a few of, lol!CHA Day 3: John and MarkCHA Day 3: Gill and Me!Talk about fabulous feathers and fairyland, check this out!CHA Day 3: Feathery Fabulous! 2Me and my buddy Sarah Moore, having our craft gansta moment at Plaid! CHA Day 3: Me and Sara! 2CHA Day 3: Me and SarahThen came the new pilot for Steve's Angels. First there was Charlie, then Steve took over!CHA Day 3: Steve's Angels! 2CHA Day 3: Steve's Angels! 4Is this hilarious or what, the cameras were working well, look at the glow of the lights, move over, here we come! Lol, Lisa, Sarah, Cathi and Steve! No day would be complete with out seeing the Chica herself: Crafty Chic, who is absolutely fabulous!CHA Day 3: Crafty Chica and MeI never leave the show without a visit the making memories, look at some of their new goodies, love it!CHA Day 3: Making Memories!Me and the fairy type wands!CHA Day 3: Me and Making Memories!CHA Day 3: Me, The Wax Ladies,Suze!Suze, The Wax Ladies and Me!CHA Day 3: Me, Carolyn and My Fave Product!Here is a photo of Carolyn Day and Myself at The Amazing Crafting Products, whose products I love, love, love and can never be found without. I used their products at one of my make/takes at this years show and can be found using at many of my workshops and events. But not only are their products fabulous, but so are they, Carolyn rocks! I'll be blogging more on some project samples and how-to's with their products next week! CHA Day 3: At All American Crafts!A day wouldn't be complete without visiting All American Crafts who are from NJ and 10 minutes from my house, lol, I love their whole staff!CHA Day 3: Me and Susie!Here's Me and Susie near the Prima Booth!CHA Day 3: Me and ShellyI got super excited when I saw all the new things at Punky Sprouts booth, OMG, can I say WOW!CHA Day 3: Beacon Filming! 4Okay back at Beacon, the Glueologist in action!CHA Day 3: Mike and Hala!Mr. and Mrs. Glueologist themselves!CHA Day 3: Me and HalaMe and Hala!
CHA Day 3: Me and Alex!Then the surprise of the whole day, running straight into my childhood friend Alex, I couldn't believe it, there he was all the way at CHA in LA from NJ/NY and so was I. Alex does fabulous work so glad I saw him, I love this picture!

The next post is Day 4 of CHA!
Stay Tuned for more highlights!


Incipient Wings said...

what an array of fun people and eye candy!!!!
your lantern is awesome!!!
love the cat in the hat pic too:)
glad you had a good time...and that you are safe.

Elaine A said...

Hi Lisa -

I've been playing catch up with Lisa on your blog! Been really busy so have not been by to visit. WOW! Loving all your photos from the last few days, it made me feel like I was a CHA. I LOVE your DMC piece, it is definitely you. So gorgeous, so fairy worthy - LOL!! I bet fairies are lining up to move in! I had to giggle when I saw Steve's Angels! That photo is priceless! It sure looks as if you enjoyed your CHA adventures. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Elaine Allen