Tuesday, February 08, 2011

CHA DAY 2: More of the Fun!

After the fun CPS meet-up, Julie left for her demo's at the Tri-Art/Jack Richardson Booth, while Pam and I walked the floor. It was amazing to see Pam and to catch up on everything, she is incredible inside and out. First we stopped off to the Barnes and Noble Booth on the lower level of the show! Look what I found: Altered Art Circus meets Candyland. Candyland is the book by: Candy Spelling.
CHA Day 2: My Book! Here I am with Elissa, who works for Barnes and Noble, I met her last year, she rocks!CHA Day 2: My Book! Barnes and Noble!
After our stop off at Barnes, Pam and I began the first floor walk, while there I ran into my friend Joy! CHA Day 2: Me and Joy!CHA Day 2: Pam, Me and Joy!Joy is absolutely amazing!
On the way through the aisles Pam and I went to visit Julie at her booth!CHA Day 2: Julie at Tri Art!Here is the class she taught at CHA: CHA Day 2,Tri Art & J.Richardson Booth! How incredible is this? Julie is one of my BFF's and a truly talented artist.
The day wouldn't be complete without seeing my favorite person in the world besides my mother, lol, Miss Suze herself:CHA Day 2: Suze and Me!Suze is one of my dearest friends!CHA Day 2: Suze and Me! 2Suze and I walked the floor a bit, check out this cute Princess and the Pea Booth Decor! CHA Day 2: Princess and the Pea!After some time, I detoured to my publishers booth! CHA Day 2: My Schedule!Look at this all star cast: Judi Ketteler ( we have a similar last name, lol), Traci Bunkers, Stefanie Girard, Catherine Steen and Me. These ladies ROCK!
CHA Day 2: Quarry Books! 4CHA Day 2: Quarry Books! 5Here we are: Suzann and Stefani. Suzann is the woman behind Beadphoria and Stefanie, Sweater Surgery, Can I say both are once again FABULOUS!CHA Day 2: Quarry Books! 2CHA Day 2: At Quarry!Now here is one of my fave pictures with Miss Maria Del Pinto, Maria and I instantly became friends and is someone I admire alot, she is such an amazing person!CHA Day 2: Me and Maria!After this photo I scurried up to the front lobby to meet up with Julie and Mike, look who we ran into, Jenni Bowlin and friends, Jenni is super nice and once again another talent, I love her works and products!CHA Day 2: End of Day! 2Now Day 2 is officially over, off to dinner with the Bergmann's at the haunted restaurant: The Spaghetti Factory, which has a location in a turn of the century former school, that post tomorrow.

Have a great night!

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