Sunday, February 06, 2011

CHA DAY 2: CPS Meetup and Floor Fun!

Do you know a better way to spice up the day then Cayenne Pepper Brownies from Diane Radishant and a CPS Meet Up...CPS for those who don't know is:
Cloth Paper Scissors hosted by Jenn Mason at the Sizzix Booth. Several people were invited to meet up have fun, win a prize and give a hug. All who attended are incredible and amazing, I'm lucky to know each of them!

Let's start here, the first picture is of Julie, Pam and Myself, we all met a few years back and became instant friends, we have watched each other grow and build a wonderful friendship. Pam's book: Art at the Speed of Life is now available:
Pam Carriker, Published by Interweave.
CHA Day 2: CPS Meetup! 2Here we all are with Jenn Mason.CHA Day 2: CPS Meetup! 5Its an All Star Cast: Julie Bergmann, Suzi Blue, Pam Carriker, Jenn Mason and Myself. Julie, Suzi and I are guest artists in Pam's Book!CHA Day 2: CPS Meetup! 6CHA Day 2: CPS Meetup! 7Now its a party, look who was passing through: Christen Oliverez and Amanda Crabtree from Somerset Studios, here they are with Pam!CHA Day 2: Somerset Ladies!Now here we all are! CHA Day 2: Somerset Ladies! 2Wow, its a publishing frenzy, with Quarry authors in the house: Traci Bunkers, Stefanie Girard and Myself, Interweave: Pam Carriker and CPS Jenn Mason. CHA Dat 2: The Ladies!Here's more party goers: Julie with Mackenzie and Laura Bray!CHA Day 2: Julie, Mackenzie and LauraCHA Day 2: Me and Laura!Laura rocks! CHA Day 2: Stefanie and the Bears!Stefanie and the bears, aren't these adorable? She made them, and I love them!CHA Day 2: My Bear Friends!Here is the cayenne pepper brownie maker herself:
CHA Day 2: CPS Meetup! 8
Hope you enjoyed the party, more highlights of Day 2, coming tomorrow, then we will move to the ghostly encounter at the old school near Julie's House, followed by Day 3....

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