Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Papier Mache Dollies!
The Cupie Ballet! Re-visiting a few old friends: My papier mache dollies! We all know how much I love vintage dollies such as carnival cupies, kewpies and charlottes. A few years ago I started playing around with various papier mache clay recipes until I found the one I liked, then used that mixture to fill in old tin molds and ones which I made to make some papier mache creations. These dollies are the result!Sundae Sprinkleton! 6Meet Sundae Sprinkleton!Sundae Sprinkleton! 5Meet Sweetie Candypops!Sweetie Candypops 4Sweetie Candypops 2Sweetie Candypops 6Meet Polly Moonlight!Polly's Moonlight Ballet! 6Polly's Moonlight Ballet! 5Meet the Cupie of Love seen pictured with Polly MoonlightCupie of Love! 5Cupie of Love! 3Meet Ginger of Ginger's Cake Party Box!Ginger's Cake Party Box! 5Ginger's Cake Party Box! 2Meet Misty Candyreef!Mer-Kewpie Queen! 2
Mer-Kewpie Queen!Meet Sugar Lemonwood!Sugar Lemonwood! 6Sugar Lemonwood! 7Sugar Lemonwood is the carnival cupie who stars along Candy in Circus Time Parade!

Hope you enjoyed my papier mache cupies!
Magic and Joy,

P.S. If you want to learn how to create your own papier mache dolls using vintage molds, made to look like vintage chalkware, and storybook enchanted, join us at Mid Spring Nights Dream in Historic Lafayette, NJ April 7-9, 2011 where Designer/Teacher Teena Flanner will be teaching a workshop on how to create your own papier mache creations! Visit: The Piddlestixs Website to sign up for Teena's class and the other classes being offered at this fabulous 3 day event!

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Incipient Wings said...

i think these dolls are just so adorable!love the colors you use.very inspiring Lisa.