Thursday, February 10, 2011

CHA Day 3 Highlights!
Another day of CHA with amazing friends and talented people! To start, Anna brought Julie, Mike and I coffee's from Starbucks, now I was ready to perk up, lol! Then we headed out to the convention center in LA, Here we are: Me, Julie and Anna!
CHA Day 3: Me, Julie and Anna!
Starting the day at a make and take before we headed to appointments and booths! CHA Day 3: Make and Take Fun! 2Here is the final cute project:CHA Day 3: Make and Take Fun! 4We made these cute projects at the Creative Memories Booth:CHA Day 3: Make and Take Fun! 5CHA Day 3: Ana, Susie, Me and Julie! 2Here's a photo of Anna, Susie, Me and Julie!CHA Day 3: Susie and Me!Susie and Me!CHA Day 3: Me and Color Mica himself!Me and My favorite Mica Flakes at Torginol Booth w/Jason Mr. Mica Himself!CHA Day 3: Me and color Mica's Booth!Here I am with my Pot of Gold:CHA Day 3: Me and the Pot of Gold!At the Cri-Kit Booth:CHA Day 3: At the BoothCHA Day 3:Cri-Kit Booth and Me!I love all these products, the mica flakes, the cri-kit, all fabulous and will be using them in my works. After wards we strolled over to Vintage Street, and what caught my eye???? Their Circus style papers, in BIG sheets, okay, now who do you know that loves the circus more then me???? lol, and they were doing a cute party cone make and take, which you know I had to do. Some of their other products include an aged parcel type tape, crepe paper and other fun things. Check out the cutesy papers in the background:CHA Day 3: Vintage Street Make/Take! 5
CHA Day 3: Vintage Street Make/Take! 4
CHA Day 3: Vintage Street Make/Take!
CHA Day 3: Vintage Street Make/Take! 3I loved my party cone, its now hanging in my studio. Now I just couldn't resist getting this feathery enchanted booth on camera:CHA Day 3: Fabulous Feathers!CHA Day 3: Fabulous Feathers! 2On my way to Quarry Book's booth I had to visit Traci Bunkers at her book signing at the Barnes and Noble Annex: CHA Day 3: Traci's Book Signing!I had to get a signed copy, love it, you will too! Just as I reached Quarry, I saw Elaine giving a make and take at the booth:CHA Day 3: Elaine's Make/TakeCHA Day 3: Quarry Booth! 4Elaine happens to be from NJ and live about 5 miles from me, how cool is that? I just love her book: Ribbon Craft, Elaine Schmidt.CHA Day 3: Quarry Booth! 3The titles at Quarry!CHA Day 3: Quarry Booth! 2Me and My Book, lol!CHA Day 3: Quarry Booth! 5Jewels and Kim, hey are they reading mu book? lol..CHA Day 3: Me and Jewels!Me and Jewels, I love this photo, its rockstar hot, lol!CHA Day 3: Me, Jewels and Kim! 2Before I left the booth, I had to do Carla Sonheim's Make and Take!CHA Day 3: Me and Carla! 2CHA Day 3: Carla's Make/Take! 2I loved doing the project, it completely calmed me and filled me with inspiration. Before I left I got to see Miss Patti Culea, love her and her books!CHA Day 3: Me and Patti!CHA Day 3: My Signature!Stay tuned for the rest of Day 3!
Magic and Joy,

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