Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CHA Day 4 and 5: Highlights, Final Highlights!
Starting the second part of Day 4 with Plaid, Here are Steve, Cathie and Me!
CHA Day 4: Steve, Cathie and Me! 2Followed by my wonderful walk and day with Patricia, which we were on our way to the fabulous Stanislaus Imports, their products are one of the best I have found when it comes to parts and pieces, look for some good things coming your way with Stanislaus and Me!CHA Day 4: Patricia and Me!CHA Day 4: Stanilaus!CHA Day 4: Stanilaus! 2CHA Day 4: Stanilaus! 3CHA Day 4: Stanilaus! 5After awhile of fun and fabulous conversation, I had to leave to go film at Beacon Adhesives, here is a sneak peak from the filming, lol!CHA Day 4: Me and Mike Filming!After filming I headed out to visit my friends at Ranger, here is Jackie and Me!CHA Day 4: Me and Mike Filming!Terry and Jackie!CHA Day 4: Ranger!The Crew!CHA Day 4: Ranger Girls!CHA Day 4: Ranger Girls! 2The Ranger Designer Challenge:CHA Day 4: Ranger's Design Challenge!The VIP Conference Dinner!CHA Day 4: Me and Miss Ruby Rocket!Its Ruby Rocket Fun!CHA Day 4: Ruby Rocket Rules!After Dinner, we all headed to our hotels and places to stay, gearing up for the final day of CHA. Here are Some highlights from the final day! Here I am at Quarry with Catherine!CHA Day 5: Me and Catherine!Here I am with Debby Shuh and Donna Salazar! Then Me at Ruby Rocket to say my farewell to my friends and sign my book for them!CHA Day 5: Debby, Donna and Me!CHA Day 5: With the Book!Then it was off to Graphic 45's raffle, I won a large circus paper pack, which I love love love, of course, its the circus, lol!CHA Day 5, Graphic 45, Designs!CHA Day 5, Graphic 45 Raffle!CHA Day 5, Graphic 45, Circus Fab!CHA Day 5, Graphic 45, Circus Fab! 6CHA Day 5, Graphic 45, Circus Fab! 7After the raffle I headed out to see Studio Calico, who was more then generous giving out supplies at the end of the day, super nice company!CHA Day 5: Studio Calico! 2CHA Day 5, Studio Calico Giveaways!Then over to see Simply Renee's Fabulous Booth with amazing solutions and design for your studio, home, etc. I love their decor!CHA Day 5: Simply Renee's Fabulous Booth!Finally a farewell goodbye to my Beacon Family and Canvas Corp. Here are Mark and Mike! Don't you love the luggage? lol..CHA Day 5: Farewell!Here is the Jersey Craft Mob: Lisa and Karen, I'm trying to come up with a Jersey Shore name for Karen, I already got one:
"l'Ement", lol!CHA Day 5: LA Farewell, Jersey Style!CHA Day 5: Beacon's Glitter It Projects!After this I headed over to say goodbye to Stanislaus and other friends at the show, then Julie, Mike and I left and took a drive out of LA to Pasadena to the Fabulous store: Zinnia. I'll be blogging that tonight or tomorrow! See you then!


Incipient Wings said...

hi lisa!
what an amazing whirlwind of color and fun!!!
have a great night:)

Elaine A said...

Hi Lisa -

Great photos. What I want to know is how you keep from buying everything? LOL! I can't wait to see what you have in store with Stanislaus Imports.

Elaine Allen

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks everyone for visiting!

Elaine, stay tuned, lots of goodness!