Monday, February 06, 2012

CHA Winter 2012: The Beginning Newark to LA to Anaheim!

On way to LAX! 2
CHA is a long awaited event, months of planning and preparation for all involved. For me, I'm never prepared, I was lucky this year with the plane ticket, hotel and pick up which is always a good thing.

My trek begins at Newark Airport leaving Saturday Jan. 28 at 4:27pm, and I'm early, which is rare, lol. I've actually been either early or on time for the past month. Once we arrived to our gate, I was graced with a Guinness Pub in front of me, hmmmm, should I? or not? Well I opted for the coffee, muffin meal, figured we eat when we arrived in LA.
On way to LAX! 5
The flight was good, I slept most of the way, the best part was having to walk through two buildings to get our luggage since they placed them in the wrong terminal, no worries, I saw Vanessa, one of my best friends, outside who I might add was also in Anaheim from Northern, Ca for a Marathon and was my ride as well. We were staying a block from each other in Anaheim, too funny!AT LAX w/Vanessa! Once we settled into the hotel, Mom and I walked over to the Garden Walk to grab dinner at the one and only Cheesecake Factory!In Anaheim! Cheesecake Factory! 7In Anaheim! Cheesecake Factory! 11I just love the Cheesecake factory, we have several by me in NJ, always a good time, only difference was we are in Anaheim, temperature was in the 70's, the outside dinning area had high tower heaters, so mom and I had dinner outside, I ordered my usual: Caramel Chicken, and opted for a nice large coffee to wake up a bit. While we were taking in the warm breeze and glowing palm trees, I heard my name called, ironically after I wrote: I'm in Anaheim at the Cheesecake Factory, on my facebook, friends read it and found me there, lol, that Facebook, I tell ya.In Anaheim! Cheesecake Factory! 13In Anaheim! Cheesecake Factory! 10In Anaheim! Cheesecake Factory! 9In Anaheim! Cheesecake Factory! 5In Anaheim! Cheesecake Factory! 4In Anaheim! Cheesecake Factory! 3You must be wondering why all the palm tree photos? Well that's because I have a love affair w/palm trees and we don't have many in NJ, so I had to fill my camera with them, lots of them, lol. I have to add here that my server was the sweetest server ever, actually everyone in the restaurant was amazing, they need to ship them back here to NJ, just saying....After dinner we took a stroll through the garden walk and I spotted the cutest store: Hello Tokyo, I will be visiting there when I return to Anaheim, so cute.In Anaheim! Garden Walk! 2In Anaheim! Garden Walk! 3In Anaheim! Garden Walk! 4In Anaheim! Garden Walk! 5In Anaheim! Garden Walk! 6I couldn't wait to head back to the hotel and get a good night sleep, Sunday was going to be a big, big day!In Anaheim! Garden Walk! 7In Anaheim! Garden Walk! 8I have been coming to CHA for years and I know what the next day was going to bring, lots and lots of work: Workshop, Demo's, Make/Takes, Filming, Social Stuff and More.

Stay tuned for the whole series on CHA Winter 2012, Here is your itinerary:

1. The Beginning Newark to LA to Anaheim!
2. CHA Day 1 Highlights
3. CHA Day 2 Highlights
4. CHA Day 3 Highlights
5. CHA Day 4 Highlights
6. CHA Winter 2012: My Top 25 Favorite New Product Picks
7. CHA Winter 2012: Company Spotlights
8. CHA Winter 2012: My Make/Takes, Demo's
9. CHA Winter 2012: Celebrity Sightings
10. CHA Winter 2012: Inspired Projects


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