Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CHA Day 3, Part 1
CHA Day 3!After a fabulous dinner at Buca's, it was time to rest up for another full day at CHA, Day 3! This time we started at the fabric's section, and I instantly spotted this knitted tree at the Caron booth, how clever is this? I could now see knitted trees, tree cozies and coffee cup cozies, so inspiring. After strolling through this area of the show, Mom and I came upon so new goodies over at Kaiser Craft, notice is a theme? More trees, and fun owls, there was a lot of tree, owl, bird, birdcage and nature themes revolving around the show, in addition to paper/doll, travel, ballooning, steampunk and and sweet shoppe themes!CHA Day 3: Kaiser Craft!CHA Day 3: Kaiser Craft! 3CHA Day 3: Kaiser Craft! 4Look who I ran into while strolling around to Ruby Rocket: the amazing Rachel!CHA Day 3: Ruby Rock-it!An here we are for the make/take at Ruby Rocket, it doesn't get better then this!CHA Day 3: Ruby Rock-it! 2CHA Day 3: Ruby Rock-it! 3Everything about Ruby Rock-it makes my heart sing!CHA Day 3: Ruby Rock-it! 4CHA Day 3: Ruby Rock-it! 7CHA Day 3: Ruby Rock-it! 11CHA Day 3: Ruby Rock-it! 13CHA Day 3: Ruby Rock-it! 14How happy am I surrounded by these Ruby Rock-It Papers. I want everything!CHA Day 3: Ruby Rock-it! 29The Make and Take:
CHA Day 3: Ruby Rock-it! 32CHA Day 3: Ruby Rock-it! 33CHA Day 3: Ruby Rock-it! 31CHA Day 3: Ruby Rock-it! 34After the fabulous make/take and time at Ruby Rock-it, we headed over to visit Zutter:CHA Day 3: Zutter! 4CHA Day 3: Zutter!CHA Day 3: Zutter! 3I'll be mentioning zutter in the top 25 CHA products list! Now its off to another fave company Graphic 45, who always does a nice job!CHA Day 3: Graphic 45!CHA Day 3: Graphic 45! 2CHA Day 3: Graphic 45! 3CHA Day 3: Graphic 45! 4CHA Day 3: Graphic 45! 5CHA Day 3: Graphic 45! 8CHA Day 3: Graphic 45! 9CHA Day 3: Graphic 45! 13CHA Day 3: Graphic 45! 20CHA Day 3: Graphic 45! 19I'll be back with more Graphic 45 in the top 25 showcase of my faves from CHA this week! After Graphic 45 I ran into more friends again:CHA Day 3: The Girls!Then I found the fab staff at Random House/Crown/Watson Guptnill and saw my work in Sherri's Book:CHA Day 3: At Random House! 2this made my day, love it, with my baseball cuff and technique, I really enjoyed looking at the books coming out from them this year. Now its time for more Steampunk:
CHA Day 3: Stampers Anonymous!With Stampers Anonymous!CHA Day 3: Stampers Anonymous! 2CHA Day 3: Stampers Anonymous! 3And Anna Griffin:CHA Day 3: Anna Griffin! 2CHA Day 3: Anna Griffin! 3And Crate Paper: CHA Day 3: Crate Paper! 2CHA Day 3: Crate Paper!Now back to my next job: Teaching another Make and Take: CHA Day 3: My Make Take!CHA Day 3: My Make Take! 2CHA Day 3: My Make Take! 4Then I ran into the amazing Debby Shuh who will be in NYC teaching in May at the ink spot!CHA Day 3: W/Debbyand now my friends at Ellison/Sizzix:CHA Day 3: Ellison!I see a super hero badge being made in the background:CHA Day 3: Ellison! 2CHA Day 3: Ellison! 3and with the greatest guys at the show, whose happier then me? :-)CHA Day 3: Ellison! 5And with my girls at my publishers: Quarry Books: CHA Day 3: My Publisher!and two of us live in the Long Valley, NJ area, and here we are in California, lol!CHA Day 3: My Publisher! 2and with Crafty Chica Cathy:CHA Day 3: Me and Cathy! and with my buddy Julie:CHA Day 3: Me and Julie! 2After the show, Mom and I headed over to Roy's Hawaiian Grill for Dinner with our NJ crew aka the Tiara Chronicles!CHA Day 3: Blue Hawaiian Dinner! 2CHA Day 3: Blue Hawaiian Dinner! 3CHA Day 3: Blue Hawaiian Dinner! 5CHA Day 3: Blue Hawaiian Dinner! 4CHA Day 3: Blue Hawaiian Dinner! 7CHA Day 3: Blue Hawaiian Dinner! 8CHA Day 3: Blue Hawaiian Dinner! 11CHA Day 3: Blue Hawaiian Dinner! 12CHA Day 3: Dinner Stroll!CHA Day 3: Dinner Stroll! 2What a way to spend your last night in Anaheim, a great dinner with the most amazing of friends! Such a happy time, Tomorrow we will be leaving to head back to NJ! Stay tuned for that post and the top 25 CHA fave highlights Posts!


AmyBlam said...

I adore absolutely everything in and around that Graphic 45 booth. Wow.

faerie enchantment said...

I love Graphic 45 too, they always do a nice job! :-)