Tuesday, February 07, 2012

CHA Day 1 Highlights!
At Lunch in Anaheim!I told you I love palm trees, here are some more pictures of my beloved palm trees as I started the first full day of CHA Winter 2012. The mid morning started off with a stroll to the Garden Walk to meet Vanessa and Alex, my dear friends who moved to California some years back. At Lunch in Anaheim! 2At Lunch in Anaheim! 5At Lunch in Anaheim! 7At Lunch in Anaheim! 9Afterwards we headed to the California Grille for lunch, I just found out there is one NJ too, I'll be making a voyage there at some point, lol. After lunch I was headed over to start CHA in its first full day. To start I needed to film for a bit, then head over to Scrap Perfect to drop off my make/take projects and demo samples. I took part in a Designer Challenge which consisted of several of the industries leading companies such as Scrap Perfect, Wescott, Makin's Clay, Colorbox/Clearsnap, Global Memories, Robin's Nest, Rubber Stamp Concepts, and Justrite.CHA Day 1, The Schedule! 2 I'll be showcasing this challenge in the next few posts. But for now here are some pictures of my challenge samples: One 3-D piece and One Card piece:
CHA Day 1, Inside Scrap Perfect! 9CHA Day 1, Inside Scrap Perfect! 7CHA Day 1, Inside Scrap Perfect! 10CHA Day 1! Me and Deborah!CHA Day 1! Scrap Perfect!CHA Day 1, The Girls 2After Scrap Perfect I ran into fellow Jersey Girl and friend: Juliana aka Jewels, her works and appearances are all over the world. CHA Day 1! Me and Jewels! 2Here we are with the moms:CHA Day 1! Momma's and Girlies!Next was a trip to a few suppliers, another quick make/take and to the fabulous group at Colorbox/Clearsnap whose products will be in my top 25 CHA fave posts.CHA Day 1! Colorbox! 2CHA Day 1! Colorbox!After some fun meeting up with April at Colorbox, I headed over to the fabulous Vintaj, who in my opinion have the best collection of charms and pieces, including their new patina paints with Ranger Ink, Both these groups will also be in my Top 25, stay tuned for that post/list. Wendy and Doug are the sweetest and amazing people, their works and designers are over the top and have been a fave of mine for years, their pieces have graced my works and will continue to do so.CHA Day 1! Vintaj!CHA Day 1! Vintaj! 5CHA Day 1! Vintaj! 2 Right near by are my fave bakery twine suppliers: Hemptique, love what they do with twine:
CHA Day 1! Hemptique! 2CHA Day 1! Hemptique! 3I love their colors, can't you tell????CHA Day 1! Hemptique! 5CHA Day 1! Hemptique! 6After I left Hemptique I ran right into the one and only Jenny Doh, she is such an inspiration to all, real and true to all! CHA Day 1 w/Jenny and MomCHA Day 1 w/JennyCHA Day 1! Jenny and the Girls!Then I get the treat of running into my girls: Debbie and Teresa from Ranger, these two ladies are fabulous!CHA Day 1, My Pals!The photo shoot wouldn't be complete without the other ladies and Momma Joan!CHA Day 1! The Girls!I will say I took over 734 pictures, I can't upload them all, or blog each of them, but I will give you the highlights and the best that I can from the event. Stay tuned for CHA Day 1, Part Two, featuring: Beacon Adhesives, Ruby Rock-it and more.!


Sallie McNett Hunter said...

Looks like immense fun.

faerie enchantment said...

It really was Sallie, some amazing people come together for this event! Stay tuned for more photos!