Thursday, February 09, 2012

CHA Day 2!
CHA Day 2! 2Each day begins with a long walk to the show, this year we were a bit closer, lol! But at least the weather is beautiful, nice, sunny and warm.CHA Day 2! 4Upon entering the show floor, I came across the new product line by David Tutera w/Darice!CHA Day 2! David's Appearance!I knew I had to stay and chat w/David, who is beyond nice, just super sweet, talented and I might add gorgeous! I've seen his work which has blown me away, after meeting him, I was even more impressed, a pure treasure.
CHA Day 2! David's Appearance! 2CHA Day 2! Mom and David!CHA Day 2! Me and David!Me at CHA!After meeting the incredible David and seeing his new exciting line, we headed over to see our friends at Plaid, its just pure excitement when we head over there, the energy is crazy good. These two together are the best, lol. Steve and Joan, Italian to Italian Chicago fam to NJ fam, lol.CHA Day 2! Steve and Mom!You know I had to squeeze myself into a photo or two with the Great Steve aka Charlie, as every year we create the artsy version of Charlie's Angels, lol. He can be Charlie any day..CHA Day 2! Me and Steve! 2CHA Day 2! Me, Steve and Cathie!Now add Cathi to the picture and its perfect!

Now its a Charlie party, lol...Every year I take time out for myself and do a plaid make/take w/Cathi and Steve, their make and takes are always my favorite, because you get to create such a great project and the two of them make it that much more. Modge Podge is a fave product of mine and I used it in many of the projects located inside my own book: "Altered Art Circus", they have some new things for you and I will be showcasing them in my top 25 list of CHA, can't wait to share. No visit to CHA would be complete without a visit from Norma, I just love this girl, super energetic and amazing! Norma just rocks!CHA Day 2! Me and Norma!CHA Day 2! Norma and Me!Afterwards, Mom and I met up with Mike, the Glueologist and we walked the floor for a bit and who did we run into, another NJ crew: Armour Products, these guys are too funny, another great group!CHA Day 2! NJ in the House! This concludes CHA Day 2, Part One, stayed tuned for part 2 and 3 w/the Lion Fashion Show, French General/Ek Success, Basic Grey, Tori Spelling, My Make/Take, Ranger, and Buca-Dinner Party!

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