Monday, February 13, 2012

CHA Day 2, Dinner at Buca's!
CHA Day 2: Dinner!
After another long day at CHA, we all decided to head for dinner at the famed Buca Di Beppo located just down the street from the convention center and near my hotel. We all know I'm an Italian girl from NJ and will definitely know if this place is good Italian and I was actually surprised, Buca's was really good for a chain restaurant and the decor was lots of fun, like a touristy Italian eatery, much better then Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill, by far and its family style sitting and eating, best part I found one near me in Allentown, PA, none in NJ or NYC, but I'm sure that will happen at some point, lol, I mean they even have several in England and Mexico, where's our NJ or NYC ones?????CHA Day 2: Dinner! 3CHA Day 2: Dinner! 4How fun is this decor? I just love it, vintage and homey! I opted for the Chicken Parm. Dinner and Mom got a pasta dish, we all had some garlic toast and fried calamari.CHA Day 2: Dinner! 7 Here's some of the dinner-ites: Julie Bergmann and Mackenzie!CHA Day 2: Dinner! 6CHA Day 2: Dinner! 8CHA Day 2: Dinner! 10And here is an up close look at our dinning table and menu, lol, just making sure my blogger friends get the full effect, lol.CHA Day 2: Dinner! 11CHA Day 2: Dinner! 12CHA Day 2: Dinner! 14And more decor photo's:CHA Day 2: Dinner! 17CHA Day 2: Dinner! 18Look at this crew of amazing people? Spot some: Moi, Mom, Julie Bergmann, Bernie Berlin, Mike, Mackenzie, and more.CHA Day 2: Dinner! 20CHA Day 2: Dinner! 22CHA Day 2: Dinner! 23Our neighbors at the other tables, LOL, Me and Suze:CHA Day 2: Dinner! 25CHA Day 2: Dinner! 26Mom, Suze, Debby and Me!CHA Day 2: Dinner! 27Teresa, Bonnie and the Vintaj Girls Wendy and Joanna! We were all at Buca's and enjoyed a nice Italian dinner, good company, laughs and fun! For more info on Buca di Beppo, their menu and locations visit:

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