Saturday, January 21, 2012

Turn Your Artwork Into Jewelry!
Enchanted Soiree Necklace! 10Sometimes you look at your illustrations and think what else can I do with them, you can photocopy them and mount on chipboard or turn into ATC's (Artist Trading Cards), have them printed onto greeting cards, postcards or turn into prints. But why not try something different, what about making jewelry with your illustrations, simply photocopy your artwork to fit the size of the piece you are working on, trim and insert into open cab pieces, jewelry casings, watch casings, into bottle caps, jewelry frames, or transfer to fabric and stitch onto the images, so many possibilities.

Here is a piece of jewelry I made using one of my illustrations:
Lacy's Halloween Party
Lacy's Halloween Party!This is a preview of my new illustration's I created for product licensing!

This piece is called: Lacy's Halloween Party!

Lacy is a young wizard who lives the town of Agatha Mews just 40 miles south of Boston and loves to sprinkle magic everywhere she goes......

This original piece was made on Strathmore Bristol Board, Oil Pencils, Markers and Acrylics!

I then photocopied it and turned it into a necklace called:

Enchanted Soiree!
Using my illustration, rhinestones, vintage pearls, metal roses, aurora beads, clasps, and glass covering!
Enchanted Soiree Necklace! 9Enchanted Soiree Necklace! 8Enchanted Soiree Necklace! 6Enchanted Soiree Necklace! 5Enchanted Soiree Necklace! 4Enchanted Soiree Necklace!Hope this inspired you to turn your illustrations into some jewelry or accessories.
Magic and Joy,


Jennifer Hayslip said...

Darling necklace Lisa!!! Love catching up on your blog and seeing what you've been up too. Your talent amazes me leaps and bounds!! Your forever fan, Jenn xo

Incipient Wings said...

this is so perfect!
wearing your favorite art pieces..are you going to offer these in any of your shops anytime soon?
have a wonderful weekend!