Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Wonderland Chronicles!
wonderland cabinet card4
Before Alice fell down the rabbit hole, chasing after the white rabbit who is actually the grandson of S. W. Rabbit, and great great grandson of Elmerious Rabbit, before the mad tea party which was retold in carroll's story, Wonderland was more then a countryside fantasy trap of riddles and rhymes, all in the hopes of Alice finding her way back home....................

Wonderland was a mysterious place, one wrapped in secrets and hidden labrinyths, good against bad, friend or enemy, what lays underneath the green hat, could be a never ending hole, a time travel back to Cheshire E. Cat's first of his 9 lives, inside his apothecary shoppe at the corner of Pigeonwood Court and Tweedle Pine Lane, inside Wonderland City.

No one knows what's lurking behind every corner, keep your magic near by for you never know when you will need it. Come with me and visit Sir Wilford Humpty's Photographie Studio and glimpse through his cabinet of cards, and read about the wonderland chronicles.

Pictured here is The Queen of Hearts, a few feet from her croquette field, which is always having its roses painted!
wonderland cabinet card2Pictured here are Addie and Austin Rockfellow, part of the Hatter Family!wonderland cabinet card5Here is young Madson Hatter, practicing magic at his first tea party. Later he would become known as The Mad Mad Hatter.wonderland cabinet card6
Here is young Cheshire, and a young age, in the beginning of his first life, followed by Fiona and Lucinda's Grandmother and Alice's Grandmother Hailey.Wonderland City!The Wonderland Chronicles, Wonderland City by Lisa Kettell!

Welcome to Wonderland City, This is the place you never saw or heard about in Lewis Carroll's Story: Alice In Wonderland.

On a recent discovery of an old chest, I found hidden chronicles which have started to un-covered the real story of Wonderland, a secret world filled with magic and loads of secrets!

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