Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Steampunk Goddess Necklace
By Joan Kettell
Steampunk Goddess Necklace!There is something so extraordinary about Steampunk and its many properties. It can have a timeless Neo-Victorian look, a bit of Apothecary Flare, A Horologist Essence, A Sci-Fi Twist, some Jules Verne Influence, Cosplay/Lolita Fun, Circus Oddity, Industrial Chic, Recycled Splendor, Wild West Mechanics, Alchemist Mystery, the Magic of Astronomy and Space, a Celestial Ride into the world of Moon-ology and you got Steampunk.

With this many options, who wouldn't want to start creating works revolving around this eclectic range of themes under one main roof. You can mix time gears, dials, industrial washers, and charms, viola you have a steampunk piece. Think of tiny bottles wrapped in wire for a necklace charm, hardware store washers embedded with stamped numbers, clock parts and casings filled with tiny eclectic scenes, top hats that are tricked out, boats and balloon travel, there are just so many places you can travel to within the realm of Steampunk.

The piece I am showing casing for you today is made by one of the greatest woman I know, my mom, Joan Kettell aka Aurora-tique who got infect by the Steampunk bug over 3 years ago, since then Joan has made over 2,000 pieces and has sold to customers world wide, taught some classes, been interviewed from various papers and media outlets all in an attempt to help spread the word on this fascinating subject.

Here are some more photos of her newest piece: Steampunk Goddess Necklace, which is now available for sale in the online store:

Steampunk Goddess Necklace! 2
Steampunk Goddess Necklace! 5Here is the back of the necklace:Steampunk Goddess Necklace! 6Here is the necklace in full view:Steampunk Goddess Necklace! 16Here are some more pictures of Joan's newest Steampunk pieces, all available in the store on line or at Piddlestixs:Steampunk Necklaces! 8Steampunk Necklaces! 7If you don't see a piece, then its sold out, similar ones can be made through custom ordering!
I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse into Joan's Steampunk world!


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