Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Design Team Project
 By Sherry Payne-Scott
Elfin Diorama Shadow Box
-Elfin parts, Lisa Kettell Designs  
-Recycled cake mix box
-Decorative paper
-White birch bark
-Floral moss
-Tools: scissors, hot glue gun
-Glues: modge podge, hot glue

1.To create diorama start with a recycled cake mix box for your base.
2. Measure in a cut 1" in on both sides, folding the flaps in to make the inner depth. 
3. Decoupage the entire box with newspaper and modge podge.
4.Paint the shadow box black. cut decorative paper for the back side, hot glued it in place.

5. Take white birch bark tear it to size, place on the front edges and hot glue into place.
6. Attach loose moss, hot glue the bottom and bottom front pushed the moss into the glue (shake off any loose moss)
7. Then place 3 of LISA KETTELL'S Elfin heads and hot glued them into place.
8. Finally add a rock to make it look as if the Elves are peeking at you.

Princess Fish Media Mail Art
I cut an 8" fish shape out of chip board
I used LISA KETTEL'S pink swirl Cupie paper and tore little pieces to create the scales of the fish
I had an aqua paper and tore it into little pieces to add the blue for the fins
I decoupaged the pieces to create the scales and worked from tail to head
I cut the crown out of the paper, decoupaged it to a second layer to add structure to the crown , then attached the crown with decoupage glue
I attached a 1/2" google eye with hot glue


Sherry Payne-Scott, AAS ID
How fabulous are these fun projects, makes me want to go straight into the garden and build some enchanted and magical diorama's, tiny little homes for our Elfin and Fairy friends!

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