Monday, May 14, 2012

New in the store: Metal Lined Baseball Cuffs
All Stars Baseball Cuff! 9
Going forward all baseball cuffs and sports cuffs will come metal lined w/o a clasp which I have found makes for better contour to fit your wrist, rather then clasps. If you still want a clasp, you can have one, but I recommend the metal form instead.
All Stars Baseball Cuff! 8I don't always have the same baseball in stock, especially the specialty baseballs like the one pictured here, I mostly use MLB Rawlings Baseballs, I do get little league and used ones in all the time, so make sure they are in stock. If there is a style baseball I had done before let me know that as well.
All Stars Baseball Cuff! 6Green Leather Baseball Cuff! 6Green Leather Baseball Cuff! 5Another recommendation I must add is, ordering an all white, white stitched cuff, washes out the cuff and the one wearing it. If you want as white as possible, add at least a pearl strand to the white leather baseball and white stitching or if no pearls go for an off white stitching, this will add some element to the starchness of the baseball.Metal Lined Baseball Cuffs! 2Like the one above, this one is all white as can be with tiny pearls laced between the stitching.Custom Baseball Cuffs! 5These are the basic red stitched cuffs.Baseball Cuff: Metal Lining! 2Custom Cuff: Melissa! 7Baseball Cuff: Metal Lining! 5Keep in mind, this is my busiest time of year during baseball season, please allow 2-3 weeks for customization, finish and shipping. If you need sooner for an event please allow for ordering time and inform me as well.

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Object of Maya*ffection said...

These are SO AWESOME!! We just threw a volleyball away and I'm gonna dig it outta the trash and see if we can do something with it after seeing this! YOU are so cute! I'm so stoked I found your site!!

faerie enchantment said...

OOOh so glad you found me here! Can't wait to see what you come up with from the volleyball!

Lisa :-)