Thursday, May 03, 2012

Altered Composition Book
Romantic Book! 10
No matter where you go, you gaze eyes upon composition books, they are so cheap and in-expensive to buy, but let's face it, these diamonds in the rough need a facelift. A while back at CHA I assisted Beacon Adhesives on a project that Mike was teaching to a group which was altered composition books, using scrapbook paper, zip dry and flowers. I never finished mine, after a few months, I picked up my unfinished project and this is the result, a frou frou altered composition book with Dresden scraps, crepe paper, millinery and flowers.
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-Composition book
-Scrapbook paper
-Scrapbook tags, labels
-Dresden scraps or vintage images
-Millinery and paper flowers
-Chipboard lettering
-Crepe paper
-Ribbon and trims
-Glues: zip dry, kids choice, liquid laminate, decaupage medium
-Tools: scissors
-Clear glitter, green flocking 

1. Coat one side of composition book w/zip dry, place scrapbook paper onto it and push to secure, then coat the spine and other side of the composition book with more zip dry and scrapbook paper.
2. Attach ribbons to the borders of the composition book leaving about 12 inches on each end in order to tie a bow.
3. Pleat 3 yards of crepe paper streamers, fold in half and twirl into a circle shape, glue in place with kids choice glue.
4. Apply decaupage medium to millinery flower leaves, sprinkle green flocking onto it, let dry.
5. Begin layering your composition book with Dresden scraps and images, trims, ribbons and millinery.
6. Apply liquid laminate to the images, let dry, apply more to the crepe paper and sprinkle clear glitter onto it.

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Romantic Book! 7Romantic Book! 6Romantic Book! 5Romantic Book! 4Romantic Book! 3Romantic Book! 2Romantic Book!Now you are ready to begin writing inside your composition book, perhaps write down your bucket list, your craft ideas, your thoughts or your dreams.

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