Wednesday, May 02, 2012

How To Apply Snaps!
how to apply snaps2

As easy as it sounds, applying a set of snaps to a piece of ribbon, fabric or leather can be a task if you never did it before. Some packages give you instructions, while others do not.My first snap application went on backwards, lol, but after another run or two, I got the hang of it and yes it was easy, a snap.

-Set of snaps
-Snap tool
-Brick or tile
-Hole puncher or Cropadile for leather
-Ribbon, fabric or leather of choice


 Step One: Punch hole at one end of the ribbon, about 1 inch in from the end
Apply Snaps, Step 1
Step Two: Match up the snaps, see photo example below
Apply Snaps, Step 2
Step Three: Place hollow side of the rubber snap tool onto a brick or tile, see photo below
(If you don't have a brick or tile, place on a concrete or patio floor)
Apply Snaps, Step 3
Step Four: Insert the rounded snap piece into the hollow rubber snap tool, see photo below
Apply Snaps, Step 4
Step Five: Place hole punched ribbon onto the snap, right side down, wrong side up ( the wrong side is the side of your material, that isn't the side that will show, basically its the underneath part of your ribbon.
Apply Snaps, Step 5
Step Six: Place the adjoining snap on top of the ribbon, see photo below
Apply Snaps, Step 6
Step Seven: Insert metal tool into the snap center, then hammer about 5 to 6 times, until the snap is connected. See photos below
Apply Snaps, Step 7Apply Snaps, Step 8Apply Snaps, Step 9Apply Snaps, Step 10
Step Eight: Punch Hole at other end of the ribbon, see below
Apply Snaps, Step 13
Apply Snaps, Step 11
 Step Nine: Flip the rubber snap tool over to the indented side and insert the next snap
Apply Snaps, Step 12Apply Snaps, Step 15
Step Ten: Flip the ribbon over so that the right side of your ribbon is showing, see below (this is the side where you will decorate over)
Apply Snaps, Step 14
Step Eleven: Place the ribbon onto the snap
Apply Snaps, Step 16
Step Twelve: Place the last snap onto the ribbon
Apply Snaps, Step 17
Step Thirteen: Insert metal snap tool, hammer 5 to 6 times until connected
Apply Snaps, Step 18
Step Forteen: Your snaps are attached
Apply Snaps, Step 19

-Look for fun snaps
-Double up a bracelet and use 2 sets of snaps for an edgy look
-Use curtain tie backs for bracelet bases

 Now you are ready to either embellish your piece or wear it! Hope this helps you to attach snaps in your next project.



Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

how sweet of you to give away your secrets!

faerie enchantment said...

I like to share! lol! Hugs my friend! xoxo