Saturday, January 08, 2011

Old Frame Display Project!
Old Frame Display! 10
For the past few months I kept looking at these big, grungy and ornate frames sitting in the back room, 1 was from my good friend Joyce, who owns a store across the street from me called Rose Petal Porch. Joyce said take this, if anyone can give new life to it, you can. Well it sat for a few months before I gave it new life.

My mom needed a new display for her steampunk jewelry, then it hit me, this big old frame was perfect for steampunk and grunge chic, hence the creativity began and this piece was the result. These are extremely easy to make and can be turned into a jewelry display w/pearl pins, use for a brooch display, turn into a creativity/inspiration board for your studio or office, attach your fave artworks to, possibilities are endless, so let's get started and see what you need to make your own!
Old Frame Display!
-Old frame or new one, size of choice
-Fabric remnants, enough to cover the inside of frame
-Matte board or chipboard
-Frame wire
-Hot glue, hot glue gun
-Quick grip, Beacon Adhesives
-Frame nails or thin nails you might have
-Tools: Hammer, exacto knife, scissors, ruler, pencil

1. Measure the inside of your frame, (where the opening is), then draw the measurements onto matte board twice, cut out both using an exacto knife.
Old Frame Display! 3Cut Matte BoardOld Frame Display! 4Fabric of choice
2. Take one of the cut boards and layer with batting, next cover the batting with fabric of choice, fold over one section of fabric at a time, hot glue in place, until fabric and batting are secure and sealed to the board.
Old Frame Display! 6Applying the batting
Old Frame Display! 5Layering fabric over the batting and board
Old Frame Display! 7Hot gluing fabric to board
3. Turn the frame to the back side, now border the whole inside lip of the frame with quick grip, insert the covered fabric board into the lip, press into the glue and let dry for a few hours.
Old Frame Display! 8Applied Quick Grip and inserted into frame
4. Once the first board is secured, layer the second board onto the back of the unfinished side for a professional look. Attach board with frame nails and hammer, or use more quick grip.
5. If you want to hang the display board, attach doubled wire to the back using nails or leave alone and stand up against the wall.
6. Now your frame is ready for any extra embellishments such as crystal knobs, ornate hardware, etc. Then display the items of your choice on it!
Old Frame Display! 9Final piece

-These displays can be made in all frame sizes and with all color patterns
-Spray paint or use latex paint to paint your old frame
-Try using a cork board and just layer and glue into the edges of the cork board

The batting backing in this project allows you to use stick and tapestry pins to attach your items to!

Magic and Joy,


MosaicMagpie said...

Trying to contact you about the heart swap. I can't find an email for you. The comment you left is a non reply.

Elaine A said...

Lisa -

I love how this frame turned out! Now I am kicking myself in the butt. About 8 months ago I let my husband finally talk me into throwing away 4 really old, large frames I had in the basement. I knew I should not have listened to him - LOL!


faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much Debbie for the info on the heart swap! xo

Elaine, ooooh know, that makes my heart jump, 4 large old frames, love them, now you'll have to get some new frames, or take a drive to NJ for some at Piddlestixs, lol!