Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Has Arrived at Piddlestixs!
Valentine Trees at Piddlestixs! 5
Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean you have to put away the magic of the season, or any season at that. I have a collection of trees from basic green, to pinks, reds, whites, aquas, blacks, silvers and gold that I have been collecting for 20 years. Its these trees which come alive at different times of the year. The black and silvers at Halloween, the greens, silvers, aquas and some pinks at Christmas, pastels at Easter, golds and rustics during the summer and the pinks, reds and whites for Valentine's Day!
Valentine Trees at Piddlestixs! 6
Why hold back the magic and the romance of this season, don't let the drab and dreary month of January and February keep you gloom, put up a pink and romantic tree and celebrate a new magic, like I did at Piddlestixs!
Valentine Trees at Piddlestixs! 8Valentine Trees at Piddlestixs! 11Valentine Trees at Piddlestixs! 10
These trees hold Valentine ornaments and Valentine cards, they play home to red and white doves, pink birds and pink lights. They host parties of their own in their little wonderland, everytime I leave for the night, lol!
Valentine Trees at Piddlestixs! 9Valentine Trees at Piddlestixs! 3
White Trees at Piddletsixs! 2White Trees at Piddletsixs!
I hope these enchanted trees bring some magic and inspiration to your day today!


Elaine A said...

OMG Lisa -

These are gorgeous! You must have a blast decorating them. What a great idea to celebrate the different times of the season.

Elaine Allen

Sherri Auld said...

I am totally in love with the white feather tree. Any suggestions of where one might find one of these? I would love it for my bedroom. Many thanks!!

Ann said...

Now, why didn't I ever think of this! What a lovely idea!! They are so pretty!!! Now..I just need to find a tree...off to google(cars altenator(SP?)died!). HAVE A hAPPY dAY!!! aNN

faerie enchantment said...

I love celebrating something, it makes the days feel more magical. Elaine when the times come that you visit Piddlestixs, let me know when you are making the drive!

I picked up the white feather tree at Michaels Craft Store 2 weeks ago, they might still have some. Hope that helps!

Also Ann and Sherri check Ebay for them too!

Magic and Joy Everyone!