Friday, January 21, 2011

Whimsical Paper Rosettes
Dollie: Paper Rosette! 4
I love love love paper, you can never have too much as far as I'm concerned, lol! The following projects were created using paper from my scrapbook line, china doll heads from my parts line, additional scrapbook papers, ribbons and other fun items.
Dollie: Paper Rosette! 5

Dollie: Paper Rosette! 2
Each rosette is thick and has a height between 8 1/4 inches to 10 inches and have been finished using a decorative cut with pinking sheers.
This is a great project to do with left overs scraps of paper, old sheet music, old book pages, even magazine pages or tin. Try layering fabric over sturdy card stock and spray with spray starch for extra stiffness.
Dollie: Paper Rosette! 3
Another idea would be to make miniature ones and turn into room swags or room garland, add to party hats, crowns, turn into ornaments or use as the ruffle in a doll head or figurine. this easy to do rosette can be turned into a whimsical story land or distressed and turned into a vintage splendor using piano papers, doilies, aged felt, velvet and broken jewels, the possibilities are endless.Candy: Paper Rosette! 4Candy: Paper Rosette! 2Candy: Paper Rosette! 3I hope you enjoyed some of my paper rosettes and became inspired!
Have a wonderful evening!


Elaine A said...

Lisa -

These are so freakin' sweet! Such a different rosette from others I've seen. ADORABLE!


faerie enchantment said...

Thanks soooo much Elaine! Sending lots of magic your way! xox0

Incipient Wings said...

I know how it is with paper!!!!
these are absolutely gorgeous...they look like they could be on a cake:)

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

I'm a bit behind and just catching up on blogs.

I googled where your store is and it looks like you're 2 hours away from us. I'm thinking road trip this spring!!


faerie enchantment said...

LOL. Paper addicts know, paper is an addiction, lol!
Thanks so much for coming by to visit!