Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Marie Valentine, a project for you!
Marie's Soiree, Vintage Valentine! 10
Marie's Soiree is my twist on a Vintage Valentine. Made using a medium sized chipboard heart base, aged crepe, my scrapbook papers: Cocoa Crowns, Pink Luggage, Marie doll form part from my embellishments line, scrapbook flowers, ribbons, trims, millinery, glitter, etc.!
Marie's Soiree, Vintage Valentine! 8
-Medium to large chipboard heart or heart party decoration
-Cocoa Crowns Scrapbook Paper, Lisa Kettell Designs
-Pink Luggage Scrapbook Paper, Lisa Kettell Designs
-Marie doll form, Lisa Kettell Designs
Marie Doll Form! 2
-Baby blue crepe paper
-Scrapbook flowers
-Ribbons and trims
-Millinery flowers, stamens
-Glues: Zip dry, Kids Choice and Fabri-tac, Beacon Adhesives
-Petal Porcelain, Plaid
-Tools: Scissors
-Inks: Tea Dye Color, Distressed inks, Tim Holtz, Ranger Ink
-Other: cardstock, rhinestones, pearl ornaments, white floral wire etc.
Marie's Soiree, Vintage Valentine! 9
1. Rub zip dry all over the chipboard heart, press onto the reverse side of the pink luggage scrapbook paper, trim the paper to fit the heart ( the reverse side is the non-illustrated side of scrapbook paper).
2. Apply ribbon/trim of choice to the heart using fabri-tac, trim to fit.
3. Paper pleat crepe paper, fold in half, glue fold point to entire border of heart using kids choice glue, let dry, about 15 minutes.
4. Rub distressed ink onto various sections of the crepe paper, then crumble and crimp the crepe paper ends, pressing them into random spots, for an aged look.
5. Insert white floral wire into a small pearl holiday bulb, insert into heart point, secure with kids choice glue, let dry 10 minutes.
5. Draw random fairy/butterfly wings onto cardstock, attach to back of the Marie doll part using kids choice glue, then attach to the center of the heart with more kids choice glue, let dry 10 minutes.
6. Coat the Marie doll part and crepe paper with petal porcelain, let dry about 45 minutes.
7. Embellish with a crown cut from the cocoa crown scrapbook paper, add more ribbons, trims, millinery flowers, rhinestones, and glitter.
Marie's Soiree, Vintage Valentine! 7Marie's Soiree, Vintage Valentine! 6
-Fold crepe paper and stitch down the center w/a needle and thread or sewing machine.
-Mix petal porcelain with a squirt of distressed ink filler in tea dye color, then brush onto the valentine.
-Add pearls to a foam ball using kids choice glue.
-Create smaller versions and turn into a banner for your studio or favorite room.
-Age your ribbons.
-Add Chipboard lettering.
Marie's Soiree, Vintage Valentine! 2Marie's Soiree, Vintage Valentine!Marie's Soiree, Vintage Valentine! 4
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial
Magic and Joy,


Elaine A said...

Lisa -

What a sweet valentine! I think you really captured the opulence and fantasy of Marie's age. What an absolutely gorgeous piece. Thank you so much for taking the time to share the tutorial with us. And I'll let you know when the Spellbinder package arrives.


Amy P said...

Great project, thanks for sharing! I love the crepe paper look :)

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much ladies for coming by, hope you make some fabulous valentines!

Incipient Wings said...

she is incredible!