Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dragonfly Princess Workshop, Part Two!
Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 24
Last year I taught this workshop for the first time at Kim's event in Los Angeles, Now I offered it one more time at my store in Lafayette, NJ called Piddlestixs. A few ladies came out, braved the weather and took the workshop, the result a wonderful group of ladies creating a fabulous doll.
Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 24Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 23
Each doll was more magical then the next and each had their own style and theme.
Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 18Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 20Here is a photo of some of the dolls and the sample one!
Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 16
Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 15Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 14
Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 13Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 12 Judy and Carol's Dolls were toooooo cute! They drove about 1.5 hours to the class!
Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 21Tiffany's Doll had a Harry Potter and Bewitched fell, like Esmeralda and Agnes Moorehead, lol, which Joan and her coined the name, lol!
Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 9
Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 9
Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 4
Dragonfly Princess Workshop!
The above pictures are of some of the ladies working and building their dolls!
Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 7
Dragonfly Princess Workshop! 8 The supplies and fun trims.

Here is the link to the workshop photos:
Here is the link to the workshop photos from Kim's event:

I have 2 Dragonfly Princess Doll Kits Left, One is in my etsy store $45.00
Any questions please ask, Hope you enjoyed the class!


Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Lisa!
I was so very excited to see your comment on my blog re Charlotte's class at FG - thank you so much for visiting. I so admire your creativity and love your blog, I'm all smiley now. You've made my day. :)


faerie enchantment said...

Hi Sally,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog in return! Charlotte is extremely nice and gives a great workshop, and ME, she is Who inspired me as a young girl!

Have fun at your workshop,
Magic and Joy to you,

Elaine A said...

Lisa -

These dolls are just so adorable! It looks as if everyone was having a blast. How can anyone not be happy and smile when you look at these little sweet pieces of art!

Elaine Allen