Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Pink Circus Themed Tree at Piddlestixs!
Inside my Studio! 2
Every year I try and pick one or two themes to decorate in during the holidays, this year my themes are:
Pink Circus
Purple Steampunk

The back of my store is filled with yummy pinks and circus-y delights. As a store with a budget, I am always recycling and up-cycling items giving them new purpose all the time. For the circus tree I needed a garland that symbolized and screamed circus, but what would fit? After seeing this stack of connected red tickets, something exploded, this would make perfect garland and now has become one of my fave decorating materials. I simply wrapped the ticket strand around the whole pink tree, voila, the finishing touch!
Pink Circus Tree at Piddlestixs  6
Pink Circus Tree at Piddlestixs 4Pink Circus Tree at Piddlestixs 5The whole tree was filled w/artsy and circus-y style ornaments, handmade, vintage and some new. Even after Christmas I might keep this tree up, brings the area so much whimsy!Pink Circus Tree at Piddlestixs 3Pink Circus Tree at Piddlestixs 2Pink Circus Tree at Piddlestixs
I continued the circus theme right into my studio located in the stage area at the back of my store! This tree I add to all the time and leave up all year! This is filled with my personal carnival and circus goodies, cupie dollies, elephants, rabbits, handmade crafts and more.Inside my Studio! 2Inside my Studio! 3Inside my Studio! 4The moon ornament is one of my faves, I picked it up for 50 cents at a rummage sale this past October, so excited about it!Inside my Studio! 5Tomorrow I will showcase the Purple Steampunk tree in the front of the store!

Have a magical day!
Magic and Joy,

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Incipient Wings said...

This is stunning!
Everything is amazing... I can't pick my favorite
Great job!
Oh, do you have that book in your shop called
"who put the B in ballyhoo" ?
It's so cute!