Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Gilded Age, Scrapbook Layout and Top Hat Project!
Gilded Layout Complete! 5
Here is a layout inspired by the gilded age, filled with golds, tinsels, blacks, brass and everything in between. Everywhere I have gone this hoiliday season from decor to fashion the theme seems to be the gilded age, with everything to dress up yourself or your life with gilded glitz, so why stop at scrapbooking and art projects?
Gilded Layout Complete!Gilded Layout Complete!8Gilded Layout Complete! 6
Here is a layout I created using gilded gold and distressed paper I bought at ACMoore, vintage sequin trims and appliques from Tinsel Trading, vintage buttons my friend Wanda brought to Piddlestixs, dress form die cuts, vintage images from my collection and more.Gilded Layout Complete!9Buttons from Wanda! 2Buttons from Wanda!
I finished off my layout using handmade top hats lines with ribbon or velvet trim which can be found at any craft store or at piddlestixs, also check my artfire store for supplies, the top hat instructions are at the end of this post, they can be used to make small embellishments or big ones.
Here is another more simple version of this layout:
Gilded Age Layout! 6Gilded Age Layout! 8Gilded Age Layout! 5
Top Hat Instructions
1.Cut a strip of black cardstock, cut 1/4 inch fringe strips into one side of the strip.
Top Hat Instructions!
2. Now roll into a cylinder shape, hot glue in place, then bend in the cut fringe.
Top Hat Instructions! 2
3. Trace a small bottle lid or disk shape onto cardstock, cut to form a circle.
Top Hat Instructions! 3Top Hat Instructions! 4
4. Hot glue the circle to the bent in fringe.
Top Hat Instructions! 5
-For a wearable top hat, trace 2 circle shapes, one small for the top of the hat, one large circle for the bottom of the hat, cut a hole into the bottom disk, and voila you have a top hat.

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