Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Original B-Cuff Baseball Cuffs!
More Custom B-Cuffs! 26
Its that time of year when orders for the B-Cuffs are at a high, from Yankee's fans to Red Socks fans, High School teams, College teams, Little Leagues and Regular fans all ordering cuffs.New Cuff Orders! 6New B-Cuff Orders! 4Custom B-Cuff, Texas AM! 3

This group of cuffs incorporated the customer's colors and teams, Texas AM, Sonoma State, Yankees and the Basic Original Style. The next batch will have more Yankee fan cuffs, a pink cuff, pink polka dot cuff and Angeles Cuff.More Custom B-Cuffs! 30More Custom B-Cuffs! 25More Custom B-Cuffs! 15New B-Cuff Orders! 2
More Custom B-Cuffs! 15
Each of my cuffs are original, the one and only B-Cuff, as published in Bead Unique, Up-cycled Jewelry, Stitchin Steampunk, NJ Herald, Pipeline Newz and more to come.
More Custom B-Cuffs! 21More Custom B-Cuffs! 20More Custom B-Cuffs! 4
Thank you for buying an LK original designer B-Cuff, check inside the cuff for the label, LK....Its original.....
More Custom B-Cuffs! 12
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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