Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Silhouettes and Frou Frou Please!
Cabinet Done w Rhinestones! 2

Could you pass the silhouettes and frou frou please? I'd like to add them to my palette, thank you! LOL

I have always been a fan of silhouettes and cameos. A few years ago a friend gave me a vintage silhouette book from the 1920's, complete with cut scenes inside, then I picked up a silhouette book in California last year, and recently I discovered one I had been given as a child.

I'm constantly trying to go beyond the limits, trying to create something original or to give my twist on something vintage, to play with, have fun with and silhouettes have allowed me to do just that, PLAY!

From Silhouette Crowns to Silhouette Books, to Silhouette Medallions and Cameo Necklaces, garland, party hats and toppers, I am Silhouette crazed, this insanity led me to my next Silhouette project, The Frou Frou Silhouette Cabinet.

Here is the piece in its original state!
Old Black Cabinet! 2Old Black CabinetThe original piece came from my friend Joyce's Store: Rose Petal Porch located across the street from Piddlestixs. I walked in saw the cabinet, looked at Joyce and she knew, it was going to my store, lol. My mission, re-paint, eliminate the contact paper inside and frou frou it up.

To start I sanded the piece, then painted the cabinet with Shabby Salmon Color. Next I enhanced the wood braiding and trims with Kettle Black Paint ( Yes a paint similar to my last name, LOL), then free hand painted a silhouette image to the front cabinet door. To create this piece for your self, scroll down to end and get my instructions.

Here it is with the paints:
Cabinet Painted! 5
Here it is w/o the contact paper inside and painted: Charming Caramel!
Cabinet Painted! 4
Cabinet Painted! 3
Here it is at its current location and with the crystal door knob from the hardware section at Lowe's:
Cabinet Painted! with crystal knob
Here it is with the handmade jewelry and decorative frames:
Cabinet Painted! with wares inside
Finally here it is complete with the vintage rhinestone necklace:
Cabinet Done w Rhinestones!Cabinet Done w Rhinestones! 3
Creating your own frou frou masterpieces is easier then you think, below is a simple project which can be applied to various painted projects from furniture to canvas.

-Blank Canvas, un-finished/old furniture, etc.
-Latex paint in colors of choice (primer and paint all in ones are perfect for these projects)
-Silhouette image sized to dimension of choice or silhouette stencil
-Broken jewelry pieces
-Quick Grip glue or epoxy
-Spray adhesive
-Multi purpose screw driver
-Painters tape
-Paint brushes in a few sizes

1. Sand furniture with sandpaper to remove any film or shine, wipe of sand dust with damp paper towel.
2. Begin painting your sanded furniture with paint of choice, let dry. Apply second coat of paint, let dry.
3. Decide on a silhouette shape or pattern, re-size according to size of your piece, on your computer, print, then cut out.
4. Next spray the spray adhesive to the back of the cut out silhouette, attach to your furniture, trace the cut out with a pencil, remove the cut out silhouette. Now paint the traced silhouette with black paint or color of choice.
5. Enhance parts of your furniture with more black paint or color of choice using a smaller paint brush.
6. Embellish your piece with hardware, broken jewelry and embellishments, using quick grip glue or epoxy.

Tips and Tricks:
-If you aren't too computer savvy bring your silhouette image to your local printer store and have them re-size and print your image.
-If you don't want to paint the silhouette on, decoupage the cut out silhouette onto the furniture using Mod Podge.
-Glue a rhinestone pin to a wooden knob and use as a handle.
-Try fabric or vintage wallpaper as the silhouette image.
-Use a blank canvas instead of furniture or wood scraps.


Incipient Wings said...

Adorable!looks completely different once you kettell-ized it!

deb famularo said...

Can you come over? And bring your pink paint with you! You need a show on HGTV girl!:)

So beautiful!!!!!!!!! xOxO