Monday, August 02, 2010

Doll Land Inside Piddlestixs!
Entering Doll Land at Piddlestixs!3
Since I was a little girl I was always excited to get a doll whether it was old or new, a doll always allowed my imagination to soar. Dolls have inspired me to write, draw and create, its this childhood fantasy that I carried over into my adult world which allows me to keep the magic inside me and to see things differently then others.
Inside Doll Land at Piddlestixs!
An old doll in a grungy condition might be turned away from some, but to me, its a doll waiting to be given life again. I might turn that doll into a new one, mold it, add to an assemblage, draw it, tell a story about it or comprise it of other parts to become something new such as a wand, jar topper or embellishment.
Inside Piddlestixs!
Doll Land Inside Piddlestixs! 3
At Piddlestixs I wanted to dedicate a whole section for the whimsy of childhood, complete with dolls and toys, a blend of vintage, modern, broken and artful, a place I call Doll Land and the Circus Follies. There is a magic hidden in these items which can bring back our childhood spirit.
Doll Soiree! 5
Many of these dolls sit in the hand painted pink glass cabinet, which I created especially for them. Along side is a pink child's storybook hutch, white shelves filled w/vignettes, 2 castle like pillars and doll house curtains. Everyday I plan to add to the collection with furniture, toys and more dolls.The Dolls in the Curiosity Cabinet! 5The Dolls in the Curiosity Cabinet! 4

When you visit Piddlestixs in Historic Lafayette, NJ, you will escape to a world of magic. Come stay and play for a while, take a class and make a doll, buy enchanted goodies to bring some magic to your day!

See you at the store!
12 Morris Farm Rd, Historic Lafayette, NJ 07848


Kelly Lish said...

Wish I could come be there in person and see all these beautiful treasures! You are the doll whisperer!

Home and Heart said...

FABULOUS!!! A person could spend hours oohing and ahing !

Incipient Wings said...

Lisa! this is so incredible!I love how it all falls together!looks beautiful!congratulations!

jenn said...

Hi Lisa!
I live literally two seconds down the road from your shop! We were having breakfast at the Millside Cafe yesterday morning, and I looked up and noticed your store! I don't know how I missed it, since I drive by everyday! I HAVE to stop in soon! Maybe we could do a book swap or something. Don't know if you're interested in needlefelting?! Can't wait to come in and say hi! :)

faerie enchantment said...

What a small world, so excited, please come on by and say hi! I'd love to swap, count me in. Needle Felting is amazing!