Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Magic of Digital Art!

I adore Amy Knutkowski's digital artwork they are filled with so much magic, I can't seem to pick a favorite.

As many of you know I offer a variety of collage cds for artists to use in their works, along with giving free images on my flickr site ranging from Marie Antoinette to the Circus, Victorian, Fashion Plates and Storybook Covers, plus many more.

One image I offer for free:
After The Ball, Sugary Sweet! Which is called: After The Ball, Sugary Sweet.

Now This is what Amy did with it, adding the image to her digital design:

Amy calls this piece: Afternoon Tea!

So magical, to see more of Amy's work visit:

or her flickr gallery at:

For my free images visit my flickr page and either add me as a contact to download them or sign up for a free flickr account, add me as a friend and you'll be able to download:

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