Thursday, August 19, 2010

Silhouette Rosettes!
Candyland Silhouette Rosette! 4
What's better then recycling old and discarded books? There are so many books we have lying around from our houses, studios to the discarded book sections of our libraries and schools. The covers make for great canvas bases, new book binding, altered books, wall hangings, or for pages themselves. Old books can be transformed into shadow boxes, shrines, mini theaters, decorative boxes or stacked for lamp bases, shelves and display.

The pages of books can be folded directly in the book for some unique wall hangings, cut pages can be transformed into paper cones, paper fans, paper birds, origami, into wreaths, rosettes and more. This summer I have been more active into using the pages of books and turning them into large rosettes perfect for hanging in your house, used as a wreath or ornament.

For the following rosette style I rolled book pages and scrapbook paper into cones, trimmed their edges with pinking shears, added my hand pressed silhouette medallion, paints, ribbons and clear glass glitter.
Candyland Silhouette Rosette! 3
Candyland Silhouette Rosette!

My next rosette was the original one which was the foundation of the other rosettes. This piece has layers of rolled book pages, black grosgrain ribbon, German silver glass glitter and my hand pressed black silhouettes
Vintage Paper Rosette: Black Tie! 2Vintage Paper Rosette: Black Tie!
This blue belle style rosette was created the same as the above rosette, but I added some crepe paper then coated several of the folds and the silhouette with Aquamarine glitter.
Vintage Paper Rosette: Blue Belle!
Vintage Paper Rosette: Blue Belle! 3
Vintage Paper Rosette: Blue Belle! 7
I'm currently creating some silhouettes with rolled tin, and vintage wallpapers too.
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