Monday, August 30, 2010

Building Your Own Jewelry Display!
The Party Girls Necklace Set
So now you are thinking, I spend all this time and money on making jewelry, now ask yourself how would you describe your jewelry and what style is it? Are you making a line of similar items to market or all different?

This season I am more involved with my Cupcake Chic Line and Kawaii aka Cuteness/Sweet. I started incorporating my doll parts and accessories into my jewelry and party decor, the result is the new Party Girls Line of jewelry and accessories from necklaces, bracelets to party hats, crowns, banners and prints.
Party Girls Hat Topper! 5
Now if I had to spend a ton of money on jewelry display's that would take away from the important items such as the supplies used to make my items, so I discovered a way to make my own displays and backdrops on a budget. The result easy necklace holders, racks and canvas backdrops.
The Tin Doll Rosettes! 2
Here are the schematics of the Jewelry Display:


-Drill (I used Black and Decker)
-5/64 Drill bit
-5/64 sized nails
-3 foot 7/16 wood dowel (cut in half)(use larger dowel for heavier jewelry)
-Medium 5 by 5 inch wood plaque (Lara's Crafts)
-Large 8 by 11 inch oval wood plaque (Plaid)
-2 packages of Cup hooks (Lara's Crafts)
-Multi-purpose screwdriver
-Latex paint of choice
-Paint brush


1. Drill a hole in the center of your large plaque and the medium plaque. Use a ruler and pencil to measure the halfway point of your plaque, if you are uncomfortable eye balling the center.

2. Next drill 8 holes into the sides of the medium plaque. To do this draw an even "X" shape on the top of the medium plaque, then draw a line through each open space of the "X" until you are left with 8 lines resembling a child's snowflake line drawing! Then drill the holes into each on of the 8 points on the sides of the plaque.

3. Now paint your wood pieces, let dry. Apply second coat if needed.

4. Using one cup hook at a time, twist each one into the 8 pre-drilled holes of the medium plaque, pre-drilling these holes is what makes it easier to twist the hooks in.

5. Match up the dowel to the large plaque base's hole, insert a nail into the hole and hammer into the end of the dowel, repeat this step for the medium plaque base's hole.

6. Add a party hat, crown, jewelry bits, rhinestones or ribbon to your display, now its ready to hold your new jeweled works.

Party Girls Hat Topper and Display!

-Use a heavier dowel for larger jewelry.
-Try creating a double display using 2 dowels and a larger bottom and top base.
-Add a finial, broken jewelry, bows, figurines and more to your display

Magic and Joy,


Little Pink Studio said...

what a brilliant idea Lisa! Love it!

Incipient Wings said...

thank you for sharing your inspirational ideas Lisa. your artwork is incredible.