Friday, May 15, 2009

ZNE Convenzione Day Five! Post 6
By Day five of Zne, I was exhausted, but still finding the energy through lots of Starbucks Coffee, I was missing my Dounkin Donuts Coffee at this point, LOL!
Today was the last day of the Convenzione in Pleasanton, which I was sad about, since the next day we would all be leaving our friends and heading home. But I was also excited since this day would be when I signed my books with some fabulous people.Pleasanton Palm Trees! LOL!The Pacific Landscape!On a Foggy Sunday all the vendors and artists returned to the fairgrounds for another day of fun. Today I was signing books and hosted a project near my booth area called: the Silhouette Box Assemblage.Me Signing Away, LOL!Here I am, LOL, Signing!I saw the picture coming, LOL!Me and Jill at our Signing!Jill and Me! She is wonderful!Me and the amazing Traci, our signing!Traci and Me, She rocks!Book Signing! I like these books! LOL!Me, Katie Jean and Yvonne!Jazzie Patti, Me and the Book!Patti and Me!The Great Pam, Me and Brandie!Pam, me and Brandie!EEEK, I got a book! Jen!The Fabulous Diva JenMe, Claire, AnnDenise, Katie!Me, Claire, AnnDenise and Katie!Lisa and hannah greyShoshanah from Hannah Grey and Me!Me, Mom and Yvonne! BFF!Me, Mom and Yvonne!Gina, Me and Shari!Gina, Me and Shari, notice the kitty shoes, love them, here are Gina's Kitty shoes and my Butterfly/flower shoes upclose, lol, I love this picture:Shoe Friends: Gina and Lisa!We took this later on in the evening at Chevy's, LOL, put your best foot foward!Marsha and Yvonne, Fabulous!Marsha and Yvonne, I bought the book Marsha is holding and Yvonne is holding the wand from me!My Silhouette Class Gals!The ladies of the Silhoutte: left to right: Mica, Jill, Liz, Heidi, Lana and Claire! They came to learn and make my silhouette assemblage, even donating some extra goodies to the project, flowers from Liz, sewn crepe paper from Heidi and vintage papers/advertising from Claire!Liz and her Silhouette Assemblage!Liz and Her Box!Heidi's Drying Silhouette Box!Heidi's Box!

Each attendee to the Silhouette project would hand assemblage their own rounded box bases, layered with designer papers or vintage book pages, faux bouillion, glitters, trims and silhouettes. I will show examples of these boxes next week!

After the show, a bunch of us went to Chevy's(Jen, Her Hubby, Hollis, Yvonne, Mom, AnnDenise, Gina, Her Hubby, Son and Mica and Me) Today was Mica and I would play our final prank of the weekend on AnnDenise, I told the waiters it was her birthday, lol, and they came out singing w/dessert and a sombrero hat, it was hilarious, I told her she could decorate it with crepe paper and AnnDenise flare, lol! A perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.

Well thanks to airline mix-ups I couldn't visit Wendy Addison's Studio w/Iva and Colleen, but Heidi and her sister went, she has some pictures on her blog, click on Birds of a Feather blog link below. Instead My mom and I hailed 3 trains into the San Fran Airport, and were told due to bad weather around Newark Airport we would be delayed, let's just say I finally walked in my door and to my bed at 3:30am, Eastern Time, LOL! and slept for a day still catching up on sleep, LOL!

Ladies and Gentleman this concludes my 6 blog posts of my adventure at ZNE in Pleasanton, California, I hope you enjoyed the adventure and photos as well! Have a magical weekend!

P.S. Magic and Artful Joy to you all!
P.P.S. To see more of the Zne 2009 photos click:


Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Glorious fun! Rest up and have a great day! Blessings.

Carolee said...

Hi Lisa ~

I've been reading through all the posts about the ZNE event - such FUN! I soooooo wish I were close enough to attend, but your photos almost make me feel like I'd seen it. Thanks for sharing!

~ Carolee

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a wonderful fun time you must be having. I just love what you have posted, and thank you for the links to visit.


faerie enchantment said...

Hi All,
Thank you for always coming by to visit the adventures!

Birds of a Feather said...

hey sweetie ~ so great to se you in cali! i need to know more about your tea parties...i want to come! i may be in nyc june 17 & 18 for a little fun!

xo heidi