Thursday, May 14, 2009

ZNE Convenzione Day Four! Post 5
Hello welcome to Day 4 of Convenzione, today we start off with the first day of the vendor faire/arts and paperie at the fairgrounds, not to mention receiving another AMAZING LATTE from Miss Lana, that woman is amazing and I now consider her a wonderful friend, I miss Lana....Here is a photo of Lana and Me!Me and The Great Lana! Love Her!
me at my tableHere I am at the booth!My Altered Sandwich Box! Display!This is one of my altered sandwich box displays, I finished it that weekend and gave to Ann-Denise Anderson, my buddy!My New Dollies and Goodies! 2I also finished the pink display box and gave that one to Mica Garabino, and I kept one to bring home. That's the magic of recycling, you can turn normally thrown out items into works of art or fun.New Wand in Collection, sold!New Dollie: Sadie Sprinkleton!
Most of the vendors/atists arrived early to set up, of course I always arrive later then I want, LOL!, I shared a table spot with my mom, who had more goodies to sell then me, I had lost 12 dollies in the flight, but don't worry they have been mended and are now standing perfectly in the studio.
Amazing Colleen and Her Booth!Here is my buddy Colleen Moody at her booth, this woman is incredible, and super sweet!Notice her Marie Antoinette doll, which can be seen in the premier edition of Marie Antoinette Publication from Stampington and Company!Mom's Side of the Booth!Here are some of my mom's aka Aurora-tique's jewelry, she is truly wonderful that mom of mine, LOL!jill jenny me gypsy, Fabulous!In this picture are some of my faves: Jill aka Jillz Whimsy, Jenny aka Polka Dot Pixie, Moi and Carmen aka Gypsy Froggie!Me and the Great Claire!Me and Miss Claire Bone aka Glitter and Grunge, Awesome!Me and Anna, I adore her!Me and The Great Anna Corba, Can I just say how sweet she is,AMAZING!Colleen and Me! AMAZING!The Great Colleen and ME!Teresa and Me, Amazing!My Buddy Teresa and Me, I was so happy to finally meet her, I took part in the Red Project with her, visit my link on the left to learn more about it.
Miss Heidi and Me! My Buddy!I just love Heidi aka Birds of a Feather, she was my fellow East Coaster at the event!Kathryn and Me! 2Here is Kathryn Virello and Me! She is a doll!Me Yvonne and Patti!Me and the snazzy jazzie gals: Yvonne Montero and Jazzie Patti!Amazing Ingrid and Jill!The incredible Ingrid Pomeroy and Jill! Ingrid surprised me on Sunday with a gift of amazing postcards, I have a surprise going her way next week!Mica, Me and ShariLove these girls Mica and Shari, we had a blast! Both are so talented!
Here is where the photos get funnier, Yvonne and her sister Jen gave us all these faux lip blowers to wear and take photos with, too, funny!Pucker Up!Here I am in the picture w/snazzy Yvonne now!The two Lip Puckers: Me and Julie, Awesome!LOL, here is my buddy Julee and me, how funny is this, we were just cracking up, Julee is amazing! The gals at Zne, with our lips!
There were so many fabulous vendors and familiar faces at the show and coming to the show to buy artful delights and see their artist friends, from 11am-1pm we had a book signing for both days, my schedule date was Sunday, along with my friends: Jill Badowski and Traci Bautista! Katie Jean was on hand signing her work as well, all these ladies are AMAZING!at the showThe whole day was filled with surprises amond each other, My mom and I would take turns watching the booth and shopping at other booths. LOL! I'd walk over and gather goodies, and put my business card on it and say could you hold this for me, LOL! and I was walking around with single dollar bills and glitter all over me, LOL! My money always has a sparkle to it from the glitter, LOL!

I have 2 more post to go staring with day 5, tomm. Once the Zne posts are complete I will be sharing new art, stories and adventures, while visiting all your blogs.

In the meantime take a moment and visit these fabulous art blogs of wonderful and amazing people, plus visit these extraordinary shops in Pleasanton:

P.S. Magic and Artful Joy to you all!
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