Sunday, May 10, 2009

Zne Convenzione Day 2: Marionette Theatre Workshop, Post 3!
My students: The Marionette Class!Day 2, the first day of workshops at the fairgrounds, here is my workshop students/artists with their Marionette Theatre's. Pictured left to right are: Lynn, Jill, Iva, Jen, Yvonne, Me and Joan. Jen's Box was outside drying, lol, it was too cute. All these girls are incredibly talented and super nice, I miss each of them, we all shared an arftful experience filled with laughter and joy, Honestly, I think my workshop tables for two days were disrupting the rest, LOL, I mean all we did was create and laugh, I laughed so hard I felt like I did 1,000 sit ups. They do say laughing is good for the stomach muscles, I better laugh up some more. LOL!Marionette Class: Lisa, Jen, JillHere is a photo of Me, Jill and Jen.
In this workshop, I showed everyone how to make their own dolls, from my molds, their own molds and free form sculpting. When ever I don't have to do kits, I don't, my philosophy is: "We all have different creative flows jumping around in our head, some of us love PINK and Pastels, Vintage Chic, Distressed and Grungy, Bright and Bold, we all have a vision and want to bring that vision to life. In my classes students are encouraged to run with that vision using the techniques and samples in my class to build on their own imagination and un-lock what is inside.My students: The Marionette Class! 2My students: The Marionette Class! 3Anyone who has taken my classes/workshops knows I bring everything to class, from glue to glitter, picures to paper, embellishments and more, in a variety of styles. Each of the students received a Shoe Box and began building their theatres. Once the class learned the basic box building, I split us up into groups: A. the one set began building their boxes B. the next set began building their dolls, then we switched and by lunch we were all on the same page.Jenn's Pixies: The Marionette Class!Here are Jen's Dolls on their way outside into the Sunny and Warm air ready for their drying time. She is an art hussler, lol, she said she never made a doll, UHM..I think she has, LOL! love her and her family!Outside the Classroom!This is the section of the oustide where everyone's dollies were drying, I loved the blooms so I had to photograph it. Here are some of the finished boxes:Jen's Theatre: The Marionette Class!Jen's Finished BoxJen's Theatre: The Marionette Class! 2Upclose of her box!Yvonne's Theatre: The Marionette Class!Yvonne's Box! Now here is the other brat Yvonne, Jen's sister. I just love her, but am in competition with Mom over whose best Friend she is, LOL!, I've already accepted my defeat! LOL!Yvonne's Theatre: The Marionette Class 3Yvonne's Dollie Upclose!Yvonne's Theatre: The Marionette Class 4Yvonne's Theatre: The Marionette Class 5
Lynn's Theatre: The Marionette ClassLynn's Box!Lynn's Theatre: The Marionette Class 4Upclose of Lynn's Box!Lynn's Theatre: The Marionette Class 3Okay I just had to photograph the marionette legs on Lynn's doll in her box, I loved it! Lynn even had her husband make a crepe paper roller for me, can you believe it, I almost fainted when she gave me it with a fleur de lis mold, Uhm, I feel faint again!Jill's Theatre: The Marionette Class 4Jills BoxJill's Theatre: The Marionette Class 2Jill choose a marie antoinette doll head for hers, I loved this variation!Jill's Theatre: The Marionette Class 3Jills Sweet Cake Base!Jill and Her Theatre!Sweet and Sassie Jill, love this gal, here she is with her theater, seriously she is the best.outside the classroom 2Outside our hall, loved this tree and the blend of soft industrial meets nature!outside the classroom 3outside the classroom 4Afterwards we headed to the Hotel, Jen and Yvonne drove us all back to the hotel, we changed and took the shuttle to The Blue Agave Restaurant on Main Street in Downtown Pleasanton, our shuttle driver Ida was sooo nice.Blue Agave Dinner! 4Here is a photo of all of us at the Blue Agave, the food was amazing, fabulous gourmet Mexican.Blue Agave Dinner! Iva and Gina!Here is a photo of 2 of my favorite people: Iva Wilcox and Gina Gabriell, these girls are wonderful.
Well this concludes the recap of night two of ZNE in Pleasanton, California, I have a few more days to go, LOL!
Stay tuned for post 4, our 2nd day/ 1rst day of classes in Pleasanton. In the meantime take a moment and visit these fabulous art blogs of wonderful and amazing people, plus visit these extraordinary shops in Pleasanton:
American Harvest
438 Main Street
Pleasanton, CA 94566

P.S. Magic and Artful Joy to you all!
P.P.S. To see more of the Zne 2009 photos click:


MaygreenFairies said...

Yay another update, loved this post, great photos and wonderful art was created by all!! Hugs Mandy x

KarenHarveyCox said...

Wow, Lisa this looks like a fabulous workshop. I love seeing all the dolls outside to dry. I can't wait to visit the links. Hope you had a wonderful time.

Shari Replogle said...

Hi Lisa,
It was so wonderful to meet you at Convenzione. All of the little theaters look so amazing!
Do you ever sell a kit for those beautiful wands like the one you brought by my booth? Reagan ( my daughter 7) would absolutely love it!(and me too!!!)

Andria said...

I so enjoyed the marionette theaters. I'm thinking of trying one on my own. What kind of clay did you use for the dolls?