Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An eventful weekend in May: Earth Angel Toys, Gingerbread Castle and Workshop!
My whole month of May has been booked with events, workshops and adventures, this coming weekend I will be appearing at the Grand Opening of the AC Moore in Allentown, PA, promoting the book and doing a project demo from it, come on by May 24and visit.

This past weekend, My mom and I headed over to Charlotte's Tea Room in Warwick, NY about 45minutes from my house for the Earth Angel Toys Event hosted at the tea room by the amazing Jen O'Connor http://www.earthangelstoys.com/ http://earthangelstoys.blogspot.com/ charlottes tea roomthe event was filled with the most beautiful artful eye candy I have ever seen in one place, you just wanted to buy a piece from every artist on hand.Earth Angel Event: Charlotte's Tea Room!2Earth Angel Event: Charlotte's Tea Room! some of the artists and work on hand were: Jo Packham http://www.jopackham.com/ Letty Worley, Jody Battaglia, Dara DiMagno, Kitty Babendreier and Debbee Thibault http://www.debbeethibault.com/ everyone of the artists I met couldn't be more talented and sweet, each making you feel right at home as you viewed their works.Me, Kitty and Debbee!Here is a picture of Me, Kitty and Debbee!Debbee and Me!Debbee and Me!debbee and joanDebbee and My Mom!Debbee's dolls have always been a fave of mine, each one telling their own story and sharing their own magic. After visiting Pleasanton, Ca, a few weeks back, I had wanted to go to American Harvest and buy one of her dolls, but didn't have the chance, then an art friend surprised me with one, just making my day. Now in Warwick, what did I forget to do?, why bring the dollie of course, LOL! Next time!Me and Jo!Here is a photo of Jo and Me!
Not only were there loads of artwork to buy, but also books and magazines which were located at Jo Packham's Spot!http://www.jopackham.com/ Jo is the publisher/creator behind "Where Woman Create" which is available in book form and magazines, each one I recommend for an array of artful inspiration which you can bring into your own studio, home or life. I've been wanting to buy the hard cover book edition and I did, plus Jo personalize/sign it, I also picked up the book: Crowns and Tiara's by Kerri Judd and I just love it, another must have book. All I can say is that once you meet Jo, you will meet some one beyond works nice and multi-talented.Charlotte Dollie Elizabeth!Here is the Charlotte Dollie I made for her called: Queen Elizabeth Ann, these dolls are part of my handmade charlotte doll line! Stay tuned I have 83 of these to embellish, here they are sitting in my studio right now:My Dollie Army! I have made 83!
Another fabulous woman I met was Kitty Babendreier, she is so sweet and talented, we must have hung out the whole time I was there, chatting and sharing laughter and artful ideas. Kitty lives in NY a few hours away and makes wonderful shadow box assemblages, I bought one named Gus, lol, I just love him, my mom bought one too which was tea and victorian in tones. Here is Kitty with Gus and Me! LOL!Kitty and Me!The Girls! Earth Angel Event!Kitty, Debbee, Me, Letty and Susan!
Me and Jen!Jen O'Connor and Me!Sue and Me!Sue and Me!Me and Mom in Warwick!Me and Mom!Me in Warwick, NY!The following are photographs of the quaint and picturesque Warwick, NY, just over the NJ border, filled with Victorian and Romantic Charm!Warwick, NY, Picturesque! 5Warwick, NY, Picturesque! 6Warwick, NY, Picturesque! 4If you are ever in town, you must visit Charlotte's Tea Room located at 15 Oakland Avenue, Warwick, NY!
After we left the event, I drove mom and I to the Gingerbread Castle which is located in Hamburg, NJ about a half hour from my house: Gingerbread Castle! 7More on our adventure at Gingerbread Castle, Along with the history, folklore and photos tommorrow!

Have a magical night!


Elaine A said...

Hi Lisa -

You were up in my neck of the woods. I live in Highland Mills, about 20 min. from Warwick. I'm usually in Warwick every weekend visiting my grandmother at her nursing home, Schervier Pavilion. She will be 102 in September. Unfortunately, this week I was feeling under the weather and did not go. So close and yet so far - lol. I'm glad you had a great time.

Take care

Elaine Allen

Geralyn Gray said...

This looked awesome Lisa.....I want to try to get there some day.....I thought it was way up in NY but I guess it is not too far.....I am glad you went!!!!!! I really wanted to go----I guess another time!!!!

pinkstilettos said...

Wow! I have never heard of the gingerbread house before except for in carmel, CA. First time visiting your blog- I love it!! Daisy~