Thursday, October 31, 2013

7 Days of Magic: Spell-a-la-palooza, Day Five

Welcome to Day Day/Night Five which is called: "Amulets of Protection Workshop", Tonight we will learn how to make protection amulets to ward off anything bad and protect us all year long.

Last night I learned the basics of riding a Unicorn and flying a Pegasus. Each of us used our wands that were dipped in Polyseed juice and others secret ingredients for a protection spell to hide our furry friends. Then we learned how to harness the unicorns horn for protection during an emergency in case the power of our wands aren't enough. 

If you didn't know Unicorns are the most powerful of the magic creatures. Their horns are of the purest magic and the most sought after by dark wizards. Their protection and existence is important to the magical world.

Pegasus are the guardians of their unicorn friends and often scout areas first, before their unicorn friends venture to the area, shielding them with their wings which turn into armor shields during a battle for protection or help.

Tonight we are heading to Pippa's workshop located in a secret area of her home. To get there we will be lead by candle light to a hidden tunnel that leads to the workshop room. I have hear that on the other side of her workshop room is a door that leads to an underground water cavern. Pippa is said to use this as an escape route in case of danger. She houses her Swan Boat made from the rare Cornipsus Picker Tree, its been in her family for centuries. For now this area is an indoor swimming retreat which we might be lucky enough to see after the workshop is over.

I'm bringing my lucky amulet bag to the workshop to hold my amulet in once its complete. Our amulets must reflect our power colors mine are purple, blue and green, at least what I think they are.

Please visit some of these amazing fellow bloggers who are joining in the fun and have fabulous sites that are sure to peak your creativity.
Queen Trudy 

All photos taken by me on my travels and the necklace is one of my recent pieces I created. More amulet necklace photos soon!

Happy Haunting and Creating
Lisa :-)))))


DogsMom said...

What a beautiful retreat! You do have magical colors. I think they may be influencing your world view, too. That's a lovely thing.

Lisa Kettell said...

Thanks so much. It was a magical evening! :-)))))

Aenota said...

There are extraordinary effects in the photographs. How did you get those colors and lighting?

digital collage sheets

Willow said...

Fabulous colors in your photos ~ and you amulet bag !
Merry Meet & Be Well,

Lola Enchanted said...

Oh how enchanting.. Im in la la land!

deb famularo said...

Such a pretty amulet. Thank you for the magickal adventure!
You inspire me to work on my photos, ;)

Lisa Kettell said...

Thanks so much everyone. The colors are and filters are from a mix of programs: paint shop pro, pic monkey, ribbet and filters I designed to make the layers.

Have a great weekend,